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Smart Home

Wink is a beautifully-designed mobile app that keeps you connected to your home—no matter where you are.

  • Quick, easy setup
  • No monthly fees or subscriptions
  • Built-in customer service
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Transform Your House Into a Smart Home with help from The Home Depot

In today’s connected world, we want our homes to be as high-tech as everything else in our lives. The Home Depot helps Canadians do just that with a huge selection of home automation products that turn your house into a modern, up-to-date smart home. These easy-to-install products let you control your home remotely no matter where you are.

From programmable thermostats to smart lighting systems, The Home Depot offers smart technology that lets you automatically set the temperature and light levels in your home based on you and your family’s schedule. Convenience and comfort aren’t the only advantages of these systems. They save money on energy bills as well.

Automated home security systems also make it easier to keep your home and family safe. From touch screen door locks to smart smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and video surveillance systems, The Home Depot has what you need to rest easy.