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Water Heaters
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Tankless Water Heaters
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Tankless Water Heaters Buying Guide Learn More


Why rent when you could own?

Model Monthly Fee Rental Cost* Cost to Own** Savings
GE 12 Year
60 Gallon Electric
$12.84 $1,848.96 $1,179.00 $669.96
GE 12 Year
50 Gallon Gas
$16.98 $2,445.12 $1,128.00 $1,317.12
GE 6 Year
50 Gallon Power Vent
$26.92 $3,876.48 $1,569.00 $2,307.48
* Cost based on current Ontario pricing as of April 1, 2012. Includes taxes. Price is payable direct to rental company. If payable to local utility it will increase by $2.00 per month.
** Cost based on current Ontario pricing as of April 1, 2012. Includes taxes. Install based on $325.00 40 and 50 gallon gas and $395.00 for 40 and 60 gallon electric. Install based on $400.00 for Power Vent.

Did you know?

Energy Star and Eco Options

You can enjoy endless hot water and save space, energy and money with Tankless EcoSense water heaters.

  • Compact size is ideal for small spaces
  • Most energy efficient option available
  • Provides hot water for up to 2 fixtures simultaneously
  • Includes a 12-year limited warranty
Water softeners make your water work with you.

Water softeners make your water work with you.

  • Convenience: Makes cleaning easier by reducing scale buildup on sinks, tubs and showers
  • Protection: Soft water results in less Calcium and sediment buildup in water heaters and up to 25% less energy consumption*
  • Quality of Life: Towels are 45% whiter using 1/3 less detergent**

*Per research conducted by the Water Quality Research Council and Water Quality Association.
**Based on GE Appliance's internal testing.

Installation Services - Hot Water Tank Installation Same-Day Service

Buy your new water heater with confidence at The Home Depot

  • We offer a wide selection of tank-type water heaters - choose from electric or gas in the capacity that best suits your hot water usage needs
  • The Home Depot Installation Services guarantees its work and will professionally install your in-stock purchase the same day* when installation is booked in store before noon.
  • Today’s water heaters come with excellent warranties, with up to 12 years on the tank.
Learn More

Call 1-800-466-3337 for more information

Installation Services - Don't Pay for One Year

* Same-day service available when customer meets certain booking criteria.
* Interest accrues from the purchase transaction date and will be waived if the purchase amount is paid in full by the plan expiration date. If not, interest will be charged at an Interest Rate of 28.8% per annum in accordance with the Cardholder Agreement. This offer is valid at The Home Depot Canada outside of Quebec. Offer not available to Quebec residents.
** There is no annual service fee and the retailer does not charge any plan administration fees. ®Registered trademark of Homer TLC, Inc. Used under license.