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Credit Centre

Your new statement: Clear. Concise. Simple to read.

Statements show you exactly how much
you’ve spent, how much you owe and when
you owe it. Plus, our new format provides you
with more offers and product information,
all highlighted in color.
The information is “bucketed” into sections
that make it simple to fi nd what you’re looking
for and written in normal, everyday language.
Simple to read.
Not only are the words themselves clear
and concise, they’re in large and simpleto-
read typeface.
Account Number
Identifies your account.
Account Information Summary
Quickly lists purchases, previously billed invoices,
total balance and any adjustments.
Current Payments
and Unapplied

Pinpoints payments
that have been
and Debits

Shows purchase
dates, purchase order
information, amount
due, due date
and more.

Provides key contact
information for billing inquiries.
Returns, Exchanges
and Adjustments

Itemizes credits that have been posted to your
account - but not yet applied to specific invoices.
Previously Billed Invoices
Lists invoices posted to your account.
Disputed Items
Details disputed items with outcomes pending.
Payment Page
Lists each invoice with transaction date,
invoice number, amount due and payment due
date. It also allows you to indicate the
invoices you wish to pay.
Previously Billed Open Items
Lists invoices that were previously
billed and are still open.
Invoice Detail
Displays products purchased in this billing
period, quantities, prices and invoices.
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