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Credit Centre

Your new statement: Clear. Concise. Simple to read.

Statements show you exactly how much
you’ve spent, how much you owe and when
you owe it. Plus, our new format provides you
with more offers and product information,
all highlighted in color.
The information is “bucketed” into sections
that make it simple to fi nd what you’re looking
for and written in normal, everyday language.
Simple to read.
Not only are the words themselves clear
and concise, they’re in large and simpleto-
read typeface.
Summary of
Account Activity

A quick, complete view of your
account - all in one place.
Payment Information
Shows what you owe,
due dates and minimum
payment information.
Spells out your purchase
activity, including dates,
locations and amounts.
Account Number and
Contact Information

This number identifi es your
account, and Contact
Information tells you where
to get answers fast.
Payments, Credits,
Fees and Adjustments

A record of payments you’ve
made, credit adjustments, fees
and interest charges affecting
your account.
Invoice Detail
Displays products purchased
in this billing period, quantities,
prices and invoices.
CRC-HTRYSE Rev. 10/12