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Credit Centre

How to Read Your Statement

Contact Information
Easy-to-find location.
Account Number
Listed on each page for
quick reference.
Account Summary Section
Clearly separates your Revolving
and Special Financing plan
balances. Your Revolving
balance includes all unpaid
regular purchases and expired
Special Financing plan
Account Message Area
Easily locate important
account communications.
Posting Date
Easy to understand the actual
date your transaction was
posted to your account.
Clear Headers
Easy to understand and
follow statement information.
Days in this Billing Period
Easily identify the period
covered by your statement.
Next Page Identifier
plus Page Numbering

Helps you recognize when
additional account information
is being provided.
Address Change Request
Easy to locate and provide
necessary changes.
Amount Past Due
Quick reference of required
past due amount.
THD-HTRYSE    Rev. 07/11