The Home Depot Canada Foundation Commits $10 Million To Help Homeless Youth In Canada

“We’ve always been committed to helping affordable housing in Canada, and we know that you are more adversely affected the younger you are. By focusing our efforts on youth and housing, we can maximize our resources, help youth realize their potential and build brighter futures.”
– Paulette Minard, General Manager
The Home Depot Canada Foundation

On October 29, 2013 The Home Depot Canada Foundation released its Thought Leadership White Paper on Youth Homelessness and pledged $10 million to support youth-focused projects, programs and other initiatives.

As part of its focus on affordable housing and youth, this $10 million, three-year commitment will harness the capabilities of The Home Depot Canada Foundation and its network, focusing on renovation and repair projects, life skill development programs, and research and collaboration programs.

The Foundation partnered with Impakt Corporation, a leading global CSR consultancy to explore and uncover the many reasons why addressing the needs of youth is so important in solving the long-term effects of homelessness in Canada.

Learn more about this issue by reading our White Paper.

Phoenix Youth Programs (Halifax, NS) gives Kayla a Second Chance

Phoenix Youth Programs is the largest non-profit organization of its kind in Atlantic Canada with 87 staff working in ten locations in Halifax to deliver critical housing and support services to at-risk and homeless young people between the ages of 12-24. The following is the story of one of the youth that benefitted from their programs:

If you would have asked me last year where I would see myself today, I would have told you independent, strong and determined. At this time last year, I was quite a different person. Last year I was living at SAP (Phoenix’s Supervised Apartment Program), all gung-ho to be independent—thinking I could take on the world by myself. But there was one battle that I have now come to know that I cannot fight on my own: a battle with mental illness.

My Phoenix journey began at Phoenix Centre for Youth, where I met amazing people who helped me get connected in my community. And very soon after, I found myself at the Shelter. After two stays at the Shelter I was accepted into Phoenix House. In Phoenix House, I had my own struggles, my ups and downs, but most importantly I had my successes. The staff were there with me the whole time, cheering me on.

After doing so well at Phoenix House, my key worker and I decided that it was time for me to move to SAP. In SAP I was faced with more challenges than I could handle—the biggest one being my struggle with mental illness. The staff was ever so patient with me; however, after a long battle, I concluded SAP was not the right “fit” for me. So, I left SAP to pursue other opportunities where I faced some serious challenges. When I decided I needed to change, it was Phoenix I needed, so I moved back to the city and the first place I went to was Phoenix Center for Youth—this is where my second chance began.

I was met with open arms; it felt like I had never left. Phoenix Centre for Youth helped me get reconnected with Phoenix Shelter and the Phoenix Community Choir. And I began to find myself again. While in the Shelter I landed a full-time summer job working in a daycare. Not long after being in the Shelter the staff there urged me to reapply to Phoenix House. I was beyond scared. I had convinced myself that Phoenix House wouldn’t take me back. But I was wrong, because that is not what Phoenix is.

I was given a second chance–a chance that I ran with. Since being in Phoenix House I have continued to work hard, not only at meeting the expectation at the House and at school, but also on my mental health.

I still have my bad days. And the staff are right there to support me.

Today in my life I have “grad privs”, the highest privilege at Phoenix House. I also have grades in the high eighties and I have been accepted into Mount Saint Vincent University’s Child and Youth Program.

Without Phoenix I could not have accomplished half of this. They have been there to guide and support me along the way. I will be forever grateful that they gave me my second chance.

Phoenix Youth Programs was the recipient of a $25,000 The Home Depot Canada Foundation Affordable Housing Grant in 2012. This program assists registered charities making repairs, refurbishments and/or modifications to their housing accommodations for youth to they can focus their time on program delivery.

Building Community Award Winners Announced

The Building Community Awards program recognizes Team Depot Captains and their fellow associates who have completed exceptional community volunteer projects that exemplify The Home Depot's values of giving back, taking care of our people, doing the right thing and building strong relationships in communities across Canada. Click here to view the 2013 award winners.

Announcing our Regional Partnerships in Vancouver, Calgary and Halifax!

The Home Depot Canada Foundation is proud to announce its partnerships with three organizations working to prevent and end youth homelessness in Canada this year:

Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary (Calgary, AB)
Covenant House Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)
Phoenix Youth Programs (Halifax, NS)

Visit our PARTNERS page to learn more about these organizations and the work we will accomplish together this year!

Annual Report Click here to view our 2013 Annual Report