Ambiance and Function

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yellow painted bathroomCreating that perfect colour palette for your home can be simple, fun and personally satisfying. Because colours evoke an emotional response in all of us, you can use colour to set a specific mood or feeling in your home. Cool colours impart a calm, serene effect, while warm colours bring an invigorating, energizing feel to a room.

Therefore, a room set aside for peace and quiet is enhanced with the calm and cool shades of green or blue. If you want your space to be uplifting and high-spirited, then try decorating with warm colours such as yellow or orange. Using a monochromatic colour scheme can help bring a cohesive look to your home.

monochromatic painted bathroomMonochromatic schemes always give a room a polished and coordinated look, making it a popular and successful design approach for many professional interior designers. A monochromatic palette consists of varying hues from one colour family. To enrich your monochromatic scheme, make use of throw pillows, accent rugs and window treatments to add a splash of colour in a different hue, if desired.

spa like aquamarine bathroomAccent colours can also add great visual interest to your colour scheme. The function of your room can also be a determining factor in your choice of colour.A spa-like bathroom, for example, can be revitalizing when decorated in aquamarine. This restful, rejuvenating colour will encourage you and your guests to relax and soak in the peaceful ambiance. Green is a colour deeply embedded in the human spirit. There is a holistic quality associated with this colour that brings to mind nature, the environment and healthy living. It is pure,natural, and symbolic of rebirth and renewal.