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Focal Point: Fireplaces

Captivate your senses with the flick of a switch and a beautiful fireplace. Transform an empty wall in your living room or family room with an electric fireplace insert, and a surround that suits your décor. We chose stone, glass tiles and a classic wooden mantel to create three very different designs: Retro, Contemporary and Classic.

retro inspired fireplaceRetro
This wall of natural stone is actually made up of interlocking sheets of tiles, which makes for quicker installation and inspires a cottage-like atmosphere. The long cedar mantel picks on the colour of the rock and gives the room balance next to the jagged layout of the stack stone.

By positioning seating around the vent-free fireplace, you can create an inviting and intimate nook for friends and family, and frame the fireplace as the room's focal point. An extendable pewter lamp encourages casual reading, while the taupe area rug provides extra warmth well into the night and helps complete the retro-cool makeover.

contemporary fireplaceContemporary
Glass tiles give this fireplace a refined look with urban flair. Rather than staggering the tiles around the fireplace in an uneven arrangement, like bricks, we arranged them in a standard pattern to play up their straight design and emphasize a clean, contemporary look.

By keeping the layout to just a few necessary elements, and limiting the décor to its fundamental features, every element and detail of this design is heightened with a feeling of modern simplicity. Positioning the black fireplace against the white tiles creates a stark contrast, giving the room a commanding focal point that's impossible to overlook.

traditional fireplaceClassic
For some, there's no substitute for a solid wood mantel with elegant moulding for a radiant style. Brilliant bronze metal tiles, decorative corner accents and a surround finished in French walnut gives this fireplace a classic, upscale look that goes together well with gleaming hardwood floors.

Seating around the fireplace that matches the overall design helps pinpoint the fireplace as the room's centrepiece, and encourages friends and family to sit and enjoy conversation. A well-positioned wall mirror above the mantel and a few ornamental pieces also help catch the eye, and bring the attention back to the fireplace as the room's focal point.