Colourful Kitchens

Trendsetting European designers love light-hearted candy colours in the kitchen, a look that's becoming more and more popular in Canada. And no wonder! A wide swathe of glossy colour in kitchen cabinetry adds freshness, lightness and a touch of fun to one of the home's most social spaces. It's a versatile trend that works equally well in houses, lofts, or condos, in contemporary spaces and in traditional ones too.


Choosing the right door style for coloured cabinetry sets the stage - glossy flat panels for a modern kitchen or a raised panel design in a more traditional one. But such a prominent treatment of the cabinets dictates more subtle yet sophisticated choices for other large elements in the room, like the wall, floor and countertop.

If the less adventurous among us are reluctant to make such a bold statement we're not doomed to work in bland spaces. Using colour in lesser degrees can still make a stunning statement. Try separating the upper and lower cabinets with a deep band of bright backsplash tiles. Translucent glass, for instance, adds both colour and shine. You may have used less colour in the room but the effect will be equally striking. Possibilities are as wide as your imagination.

kitchen small tiles kitchen appliances Colour can be introduced in other kitchen elements - the countertop or floor for instance. And both large and small appliances as well as light fixtures can now be found in bright hues. Today's models have practical functionality coupled with great design impact. Imagine how a couple of vivid red accents will pop in an otherwise subtle colour scheme.

Finding the right materials for your kitchen reno has never been easier. The trick is in choosing a colour combination that's perfect for your unique space.