Customize a lampshade

Customize a Lampshade

Project Overview

Why throw out a tired lampshade when you can refresh it? This lampshade has been recovered using eco-chic wallpaper from Graham & Brown. For an even more environmentally preferable transformation, use a compact fluorescent light bulb.


    Measure lampshade

    Step 1

    Measure height of lampshade
    Measure the height of your lampshade and add 1" for wrapping around the wire frame. It is not recommended that you cover a shade that does not have straight, vertical sides.
    Measure lampshade

    Step 2

    Measure circumference
    Measure the circumference (if covering drum shade) or top of frame (if using a straight-sided shade) and add 1" for seam allowance. This can be done easily by rolling the shade along the paper holding one end in place on the shade and marking the point where the paper meets.
    Mark with pencil

    Step 3

    Mark with a pencil
    Mark the side and top measurements with a pencil. Cut out the paper rectangle.

    Step 4

    Fold hem
    Fold a 1/2" hem along the short side of the paper.
    Lay unfolded short side

    Step 5

    Lay unfolded short side
    Lay the unfolded short side on the seam of your existing lampshade and secure with double-sided tape. There should be 1/2" overhang at both the top and bottom of your existing lampshade.

    Step 6

    Run a bead of hot glue
    Run a bead of hot glue along the top and bottom frame of the lampshade (approximately 4" at a time, then wrap another 4", so that you can control how the wallpaper fits).
    Wrap the hem

    Step 7

    Wrap the hem
    Wrap the hem around the frame so the cut edge is inside the lampshade. Make slits in the wallpaper to accommodate the top and bottom round parts of the wire frame.

    Step 8

    Continue gluing
    Continue gluing and folding until the shade is covered.

    Step 9

    Secure the folded hem
    Secure the folded hem at the end with a line of hot glue. There should be a slight overlap.

    Step 10

    Finishing the lampshade
    To finish the lampshade, glue a length of grosgrain ribbon over the top and bottom of the inside of the shade to conceal the seam where the cut edge meets the original shade.