FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood is harvested only from well-managed sustainable forests. That means all FSC labeled wood can be accurately traced from its origin to manufacturing to distribution, and to you. The companies that supply FSC wood to your local Home Depot store replenish their forests by diligently replanting trees for your future.

Our Commitment to the FSC

What is forest management certification?
The certification of a site-specific on-the-ground forest operation employs best management practices while ensuring the long-term health of the total forest ecosystem.

What forest certification standard does The Home Depot recognize?
The Home Depot recognizes the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as a not-for-profit membership organization that advances forest stewardship through certification of forest management practices and marketplace labelling of certified forest products.

What is the FSC standard?

The FSC's performance-based standard for sustainable forest management is based on a set of 10 international "Principles and Criteria for Forest Management." FSC standard involves the protection of forest ecosystems, water quality, wildlife habitats and local communities.

What does it require to carry a certified label?

A supplier's wood must be documented as coming from a sustainably managed forest.

What are the benefits of certified products?
Certified forest products are the same products with the same quality as non-certified products, yet are labelled as originating from well-managed sustainable forest areas.

What is chain-of-custody certification?

The certification of an established system creates a paper trail demonstrating that certified materials are kept separate from non-certified materials, and can be accurately tracked maintaining their identity and authenticity throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. This is particularly important for sensitive regions of the world where illegal logging and unsustainable forestry practices take place.

What are independently certified forest products?
These products originate in forests that have been certified as sustainably well-managed by an independent, third-party certification organization.