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About Us

Since 2009, The Home Depot Canada Foundation has invested more than $13-million to help improve homes and communities across Canada because we believe that good neighbours make great neighbourhoods. 

Our primary focus is to support housing initiatives that benefit Canadian youth because safe, stable, affordable housing matters.  It is the cornerstone of vibrant, strong communities and is directly linked to helping youth realize their full potential and build brighter futures.

Board of Directors

The Home Depot Canada Foundation's Board of Directors consists of associates from The Home Depot who work in various capacities throughout the organization. They bring their specialized skills and expertise to the work of the Foundation.

Bill Lennie Chair President, The Home Depot Canada
Pam O’Rourke Vice Chair Senior Director, Merchandise Strategy and Global Sourcing
Steven Franks Treasurer Director, Finance
Sarah Qadeer Secretary Director, Legal
Serge CarestiaDirectorVP, Supply Chain
Jeff Kinnaird Director VP, Merchandising
Jason Reilly Director Senior Director of Marketing
David Stern Director District Manager
Ryan Wilkie Director Regional Director of Operations, Western Canada

Our Advisors

The Home Depot Canada Foundation established a Supplier Advisory Committee to recognize the suppliers that generously support the Foundation and its mission.  Members provide input and feedback on the Foundation’s ongoing plans and activities, which helps inform the general direction of the Foundation as well as program planning and execution.

Our Supplier Advisory Committee members are:

  • Colin Ayers, Ram Forest Products
  • Jonathan  Bourgeois, Fabritec Kitchens
  • Jacques Cholette, Alexandria Moulding
  • Robert Cresswell, Behr Canada
  • Mitch Dennehy, TTI
  • Cengiz Elmaagacli, Anatolia Tile
  • Jeff Lindsay, Canada Cartage
  • Kris Ovstaas, Philips Electronics
  • John Gross, Peak Products
  • Chris Macey, CGC Inc
  • Barbara O'Reilly, Rheem
  • Richard Paulin, H Paulin & Co
  • Sue Reibel, Manulife Financial
  • Ben Sawatzky, Spruceland
  • Harlan Stone, Vertex

The Home Depot Canada Foundation formed an Issues Advisory Council of stakeholders in the youth homelessness sector to help identify program priorities and to develop, execute and evaluate initiatives related to ending youth homelessness in Canada.

Our Issues Advisory Council members are:


Thank you to the following partners for supporting the 2014 The Home Depot Charity Classic. Together we are helping put an end to youth homelessness in Canada.







A big thanks to The Home Depot Canada, Founding Corporate Funder of The Home Depot Canada Foundation for your ongoing support!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to apply for funding? Is there a deadline for submitting requests?

The deadline for our current cycle of Affordable Housing Grants has passed. As such, we are not accepting applications for this program at this time. Please check back regularly for more information about this program.
Community Grants Program requests are reviewed throughout the year. Organizations can expect to receive a response within four to six weeks of receipt.

How do I apply for a donation from The Home Depot Canada Foundation?

Submit an online application using the link on the Grant Programs page.

Should I confirm via phone or e-mail that my request has been received?

No, all applicants will receive a response within four to six weeks of submitting their request. Should you not receive a response in this timeframe please send an inquiry to canadafoundation@homedepot.com. Affordable Housing Grant Program applicants will receive a response within three months of the full application deadline.

Can I present my request in person?

Due to the high volume of requests we receive, our policy is to have all proposals submitted using our online application form. We ensure that every proposal is assessed on its merits, and evaluated based on our funding criteria. Should we have additional questions about it, we will contact you directly to discuss it further.

How much is a reasonable request?

The dollar amount of a grant depends on the funding required for the specific project. Grants issued through our Community Grants Program generally do not exceed $5,000 and grants issued through our Affordable Housing Grants Program are a maximum of $25,000 each.

What are The Home Depot Canada Foundation's funding priorities?

The Home Depot Canada Foundation is committed to taking action on youth homelessness by supporting the housing needs of Canada’s youth. As such, preference is given to projects that support the development of affordable housing and community improvement projects that benefit homeless and vulnerable youth. Eligible projects include small-scale affordable housing and neighbourhood improvement projects that involve rebuilding, repairing, painting, refurbishing, landscaping, and planting.

Are there areas that The Home Depot Canada Foundation does not fund?

Yes, The Home Depot Canada Foundation does not fund:

  • Organizations that are not Revenue Canada designated charities
  • Individuals
  • Fundraising initiatives, including auctions, benefits, dinners, exhibits, conferences and sports events
  • Courtesy or journal advertising campaigns
  • Endowments or capital campaigns
  • Administrative or capital costs (e.g. overhead, office equipment, salaries)
  • Personal or group expeditions
  • Sports teams and sponsorships
  • Religious organizations
  • Public or private educational institutions
  • Child care centres
  • Film, music, television, video and media production projects or broadcast underwriting

Are individual causes eligible for donations?

The Home Depot Canada Foundation guidelines restrict funding to Canadian charities with a charitable registration number assigned by Canada Revenue Agency.

When will I hear if my request has been approved?

Applicants of our Community Grants Program are notified within four to six weeks of receipt. Affordable Housing Grants Program applicants receive a response within three months of the full application deadline. Please note that due to the large volume of requests we receive, we are unable to respond to telephone or e-mail inquiries regarding the status of requests.

My request falls within your funding criteria but it was declined, why?

The Home Depot Canada Foundation receives many more applications that it can fund, and even though your request may meet our funding criteria, the funds may not be available at the time. We suggest you apply again in the following calendar year. Please note that due to the large volume of requests we receive, we are unable to respond to telephone or e-mail inquiries regarding the details of declined requests.

Does The Home Depot Canada Foundation have geographic restrictions?

The Home Depot Canada Foundation provides funding to charitable organizations that operate in Canada.

How can I volunteer at a Team Depot project?

Team Depot is The Home Depot's associate volunteer force. This program is an opportunity for The Home Depot's associates to offer their expertise and service to charitable organizations. To learn more about community based volunteer opportunities please contact one of our partners directly.

My question is not addressed here. Who can I contact?

Please e-mail canadafoundation@homedepot.com with any additional questions you have.