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Make a Leaning Trellis Garden

When every bed and border and pot in the garden is filled - or if there isn't space for an in-ground garden - the smart move is to literally grow up by planting a vertical garden.

Make a Leaning Trellis Garden
Vertical gardens are great space-savers for porches, decks and patios. Plant them with herbs and keep them near an outdoor grill or use them to add colour to a bare wall. They're easy to assemble - here's how:
Trellis leaning on wall

Set Trellis Against Wall and Select Pots

Lean the trellis (recommended size: 24″ x 72″) against a wall at about a 10 to 15-degree angle. Select eight resin terra cotta pots. If the pots available do not have suitable rims for hanging, adjust for the project by drilling a 1/2″ hole from the top of each pot. This is where you'll insert the S-hooks.
Woman planting flower in pot

Fill Pots With Soil

Add potting soil to the pots, filling each about halfway. Transfer your plants to the pots, and fill the edges with additional potting soil. Leave about half an inch of space at the top and water the plants thoroughly.
Trellis completed with flower pots

Hang Pots on the Trellis

Slip an S-hook into the hole you drilled in each pot and hang as desired on the trellis until pots are sturdy.

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