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Plant a Tiny Winter Forest

Create a miniature winter forest with low-maintenance dwarf conifers.

Plant a Tiny Winter Forest
Dwarf selections of majestic evergreens, clustered in pots on a ledge or in a window box, can bring a bit of life to your home after summer blooms have faded. Plant them in soil with good drainage, top-dress with mulch, and don't let them dry out. If the temperature drops below -6°C (20°F), move them temporarily to an unheated, sheltered spot, such as a garage. If they outgrow their pots after several years, you can plant them in the yard, and they'll stay green season after season.

You Will Need:


  1. Check the window box for drainage holes, then cover the holes with a piece of landscape fabric or a pottery shard to contain the potting soil.
  2. Fill the window box three-quarters full with potting soil.
  3. Remove plants from plastic nursery pots and arrange on top of soil.
  4. Fill in around the plants with more potting soil, firming it down around the base of the plants as you go.
  5. Water thoroughly and set securely on a windowsill. A sheltered windowsill provides protection from the elements.
  6. For extra holiday cheer, decorate the display with miniature ornaments.
Winter hanging basket with conifers

Variation: Winter Hanging Basket

Replace the blooms that fill your hanging basket in warmer months with potted holly, juniper, or other evergreen plants. As an added touch, string together bundles of cedar with floral wire to make a garland. Attach it to the basket edge with wire, then use more wire to fasten a green bow.

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