Overview of the Service


Comfort and efficiency all possible with professionally installed insulation done by a team of experts. Save energy and money while regulating the temperature throughout your home.

Why should you choose to have it installed by The Home Depot?


Do you know about the latest insulation materials, what an R value is, or how to safely install new insulation? Make your home more energy efficient by having our team of experienced installation professionals assess your attic and provide the best solution ensuring days of comfort ahead. All of our premium loosefill and radiant barrier insulation products are backed by a product warranty of 10 years or more; we don`t compromise on quality.

Sit back and rest easy knowing that your installation project will be backed by the world’s largest home improvement retailer. Our experts are all highly skilled and licensed tradespeople trained to deliver quality work that’s guaranteed.*

We can get your project underway promptly by supporting you through our flexible payment options. With The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, for example, pay no interest on installation purchases of $299 or more if paid in full within six months.

Minimum payments required.**

*Ask your consultant for warranty details.

**See credit offers for full details.

Why should you install this Product?


Cold walls and floors, mould or ice buildup on your roof are clear signs that the insulation in your home needs an upgrade. By having properly installed insulation, you can reduce your bills by as much as 28% in addition to decreasing noise levels and temperature fluctuations. Reduce drafts and create the right environment for your furnace and air conditioner to operate at peak efficiency.

The Home Depot insulation products and installation process could also qualify for the ENERGY STAR® home sealing and insulation program*, so you will save money in the long term too.

*See http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/residential/10759



Myth: Insulating a ceiling forces more heat to leak out of windows.

Fact: Adding insulation to one part of a home won’t increase the “pressure” on heat losses through other parts, but poorly insulated areas will continue to be major sources of heat/cooling loss.

Myth: Stuffing thicker insulation into a smaller space increases its R-value.

Fact: Fiberglas insulation works like trapped air pockets: compressing it decreases the amount of air trapped and reduces its R-value.

Myth: Mould likes Fiberglas.

Fact: Fiberglas doesn’t hold water very well unless it is soaked and does not provide food for biological growth. Soiled Fiberglas happens when it captures dirt as air flows through it, not because of mould.




The Home Depot offers three types of quality insulations:

1. GOOD INVESTMENT: Loosefill blown-in insulation 
  • Does not absorb moisture
  • Resists mould
  • Is noncombustible and noncorrosive
  • Maintains insulating power over time

2. BETTER ASSURANCE: Spray radiant barrier* (applied in a thin, even coat to the underside of your roof deck and gable ends)

  • Reduces radiant heat transfer by up to 81%
  • Is a lower-cost option for cutting radiant heat entering your attic
  • Is environmentally friendly and has minimal odor

To step up your home’s energy efficiency, choose a higher R-value insulation and a spray radiant barrier* to prevent heat loss or gain, reduce heating and cooling costs and increase comfort. Because blown-in loosefill insulation doesn’t settle, it maintains the same energy-saving level over time.

3. BEST OPTION: R-50 top up insulation

  • Is especially effective when combined with a radiant barrier foil installed on the underside of your roof. It blocks radiant heat and keeps house insulation cooler and more efficient.
*Where available.


Service Options


The Home Depot offers a variety of Installation Services to help with your home-improvement projects. In addition to new insulation, new Heating and Cooling Systems or New Roof, Window, or Siding Installation Services will all contribute to making your home more energy-efficient.


Step 1:
FREE In-Home Consultation

At a pre-scheduled time, an Installation Service Provider will visit your home to discuss the insulation options available and the benefits of each; answer questions on R values (which rates the effectiveness of your insulation); advise how to reduce drafts in your home and recommend an insulation installation that fits with your budget.

To ensure your satisfaction with the installation, it’s encouraged that your family’s key decision makers take a moment prior to your in-home appointment to:

  1. Think about how long you plan to stay in your home, review your monthly energy costs and consider the temperature consistency in your home
  2. Establish your budget and make a note of any questions regarding energy efficiency that you might have.

During your consultation, measurements will be taken by your Installation Expert and you will then be contacted to schedule a convenient installation date.

Step 2:
Professional Installation

An authorized Home Depot Service Provider will coordinate the delivery of all insulation materials to your home. Prior to the installation, care will be taken to protect your home via work areas clearly marked and contained,  baffles installed to protect lights, and vents and ventilation into the attic*. Our Service Providers will apply your insulation for optimal effectiveness and debris will be collected and removed. Throughout the project you will receive regular updates from your Installation Specialist. At all times, the installer will maintain a safe work site and ensure a thorough cleanup.

*Procedures vary based on project scope.

Step 3:
Follow-Up Inspection

Once the insulation installation is complete, your installer will meet with you to perform a final inspection, give you advice on how to maintain the efficiency of your insulation, and confirm your satisfaction with the project.

Our Guarantee


Every installer who works for you is experienced, highly skilled, licensed, and back checked. You can be confident that you're getting quality workmanship.


Our installers are committed professionals, backed by a name you can trust. The Home Depot ensures our installers have passed numerous background checks through our partnership with

These checks include:
  • Trade license checks (where required by local legislation);
  • Criminal background checks;
  • and up-to-date Workers' Compensation Coverage.

Our #1 priority is your satisfaction. We stand behind your project with a guarantee†† as solid as The Home Depot.