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Guides, tools and more to help you save energy and money.


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Calculators and Tools

    Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs

    Quick Tips: Energy-Efficient LED Bulbs

    Want to save money and use less electricity this winter? Switch to new LED bulbs for longer-lasting light with a lower environmental impact.

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    Washer Cycle Savings Tip

    Quick Tips: Washer Cycle Savings Tip

    Let your washing machine save you drying time, energy and money by choosing the right washer cycle setting.

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    How To Reduce Home Energy Costs

    How To Reduce Home Energy Costs

    Reducing your household energy consumption will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. Find tips on how to retain the heat in your home, save electricity by switching your light bulbs and much more.

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    How to Install Door Weatherstripping

    How to Install Door Weatherstripping

    Sealing drafty windows and doors with weatherstripping can reduce your annual energy costs and eliminate uncomfortable drafts in your home. Learn about the different types of weatherstripping and how to apply them.

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    Enrich Your Compost

    Quick Tips: Enrich Your Compost

    It takes time for compost to decompose into valuable organic material. Find out how to accelerate the decomposition process.

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    Refrigerator Efficiency Test Tip

    Quick Tips: Refrigerator Efficiency Test Tip

    Cool air may not be the only thing you're losing. Save energy and money by testing your refrigerator's seal.

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    Dishwasher Savings Tips

    Quick Tips: Dishwasher Savings Tips

    How can owning a dishwasher help you save money? Find out how not hand washing dishes can save you time and energy with this simple tip.

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    Fight Outdoor Pests

    Quick Tips: Fight Outdoor Pests

    Don't let bothersome bugs drive you back inside this summer. Reclaim your outdoor space with these simple tricks.

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    Martha Stewart Living(TM) Holiday Lights

    Quick Tips: Martha Stewart LivingTM Holiday Lights

    Brighten your home for the holidays with Martha Stewart lights. Learn about the features of these LED holiday lights, including continuous-on bulb technology and a variety of decorative caps.

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    Save Energy with Holiday LED Lights

    Quick Tips: Save Energy with Holiday LED Lights

    Still using incandescent lights or older LED bulbs for your holiday decorating? Discover the benefits of switching to innovative new LED lighting, available in a wide range of festive styles and colours.

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    Home Accents Holiday Lights

    Quick Tips: Home Accents Holiday Lights

    Holiday LED lights from Home Accents Holiday are a stylish, energy-saving solution to holiday decorating. They last up to 25,000 hours and can be used both indoors and out.

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