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Klein Tools


Klein Tools offers high-quality, North American made hand tools that are durable, enhance performance and reduce effort on the jobsite. Klein Tools, Inc.'s broad product line includes virtually every major type of hand tool used in construction, electrical mining and general industry.


The Klein Tools brand is the #1 preferred hand tool in the electrical industry, as well as one of the leading brands in the maintenance, construction and industrial trades.* Dedicated to making the best hand tools in the industry and committed to taking the extra steps required to make their tools stand apart from competitors, you can rely on Klein Tools for the quality products and standards trusted by professionals for over 150 years.

* Hand Tool Brand Preference Study by: Lehnan, Mollan, & Associates 2009

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Fish Tapes

Klein Tools blends innovation and functional design to meet the needs of the professional electrician.

Klein Tools: Depthfinder Steel Fish Tape

Depthfinder™ Steel

  • Laser-etched 1' increments
  • Maximum shock resistance
  • Durable polypropylene case and handle
  • Corrosion-resistant steel fish tape
  • 13" case diameter - reels in 15% more tape in a single revolution than similar sized 12" tapes**

**Featured on the Depthfinder™ High Strength 1/8" Wide Steel Fish Tape, 125' (pictured on td-left) & 240' models only

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Working with conduit is very challenging without the proper tools. Look to Klein Tools' conduit benders to get the job done while saving time and effort.

Klein Tools: Aerohead Hand Held Conduit Bender


  • Aerospace grade alloy head
  • Up to 50% stronger and lighter than iron
  • Cast-in benchmark symbols, degree scales and multiplier scales
  • Textured interior hook surface
  • Wide foot pedal
Klein Tools: Aluminum Hand Held Conduit Bender Klein Tools: Benfield® Klein Tools:Benfield® Powr-Jack®


Eliminates unnecessary weight. Wide foot pedal.

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A trusted name in pliers since 1857, Klein Tools delivers 21st Century innovations in functionality and comfort.

Side-Cutting Diagonal-Cutting Long-Nose
Klein Tools: Side Cutting Pliers Klein Tools: Diagonal Cutting Pliers Klein Tools: Long Nose Pliers
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Hot-riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble
Induction hardened cutting knives for long life  
High leverage design for 46% greater cutting power  
Unique handle tempering helps absorb the "snap" when cutting wire    
Sure-gripping cross-hatched knurled jaws    
Precision-hardened plier head for on-the-job toughness    
Sharp and durable blades to cut through ACSR, screws, nails and most hardened wire. ††    
Plastic-dipped handles for comfort and ease of identification  
Short jaws and bevelled cutting edges permit close cutting of wire    
8" model available with or without 13° angled head    
Slim head design for working in confined areas    
8" long-nose model available with or without 12 AWG stripping hole    

36% greater cutting power ††2000 Series only

Klein Tools: Journeyman 200 Series Side Cutting Pliers
2000 series

Side-Cutting Pliers

  • Hard inner surface material and handle for toughness and durability
  • Soft handle outer surface for comfort and firm grip


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Klein Tools' strippers, cutters and dual-purpose stripper/cutters provide unmatched precision and quality.

Klein Tools: Klein-Kurve Strippers/Cutters

Klein Kurve® Strippers/Cutters

For Solid and Stranded Wire or Dual NM Cable.

  • Double-dipped comfort grips
  • Curved handles help reach into confined areas
  • Handy closure lock for convenient storage
  • Wire looping and bending holes
  • Strong-gripping serrated nose; for easy bending, shaping and pulling of wire
  • Coil spring provides fast self-opening action
  • 6-32 and 8-32 screw-shearing holes
  • Shear-type blades for clean cuts on solid and stranded copper wire
  • Precision-ground stripping holes easily remove insulation on 10-20 AWG solid and stranded lead wires
Klein Tools: Self-Adjusting Strippers

Standard, Adjustable, Self-Adjusting and Automatic strippers are available for solid and stranded wire.

Klein Tools: Dual Wire Strippers/Cutters

Stripper/cutters for Dual Wire, Dual NM Cable, Type NM Cable, and solid and stranded wire are also available.

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Master any project with a variety of tip types, hex sizes, shaft lengths and handle designs.

Both driver types feature:

  • A cushion-grip handle for greater torque and comfort
  • Integral flanges inside the handle provide a solid, twist-resistant blade anchor
  • Premium chrome plating for smooth feel and corrosion resistance
  • Tip-Ident® for quick identification of the tool and its bit sizes
  • Special heat-treated shafts°
  • A precision-machined tip for exact fit°
  • Full hollow shafts to facilitate work on stacked circuit boards or other long bolt applications°°
Screwdrivers Nut Drivers
Klein Tools: Screwdrivers Klein Tools: Nut Drivers
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°Feature available on screwdrivers only. °°Feature available on nut drivers only.


Test and Measurement Instruments Holemaking Products Tool Pouches and Bags
Klein Tools: Test and Measurement Instruments Klein Tools: Holemaking Products Klein Tools: Tool Pouches and Bags

Innovative features designed by electricians, for electricians.

Precision designed for lasting performance and consistency.

Heavy-duty, riveted construction and design meets the functionality and durability demands of professionals.

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