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The Key to Deck Style

The function of railings is to provide safety and privacy, but they also let you customize the look of your deck and create a lasting impression. The Home Depot has an extensive selection of deck railings, so you can be sure to find one that meets both your style and practical needs.

Railing Considerations

Before you buy, take the time to consider the following questions:

Are there building codes in my area?

Make sure you check municipal bylaws for building regulations as they vary by region and will determine the minimum required height of your railing.

How do I pick the best style of railing for my deck?

It's really about personal taste. Do you want a material that matches your deck exactly or one that adds contrast? Do you prefer a simple look or a more decorative style? Do you want the privacy of a closed railing or the unblocked view an open style provides? Answering these questions, along with using the style and trimwork of your house as a guideline, will help you choose a railing that's right for you.

How do I install railings?

Whatever material you choose, railings carried at The Home Depot are designed to be installed as a DIY project. To get started, measure how much railing you'll need for your deck. After purchasing product, simply follow the step-by-step instructions for assembly, which requires fitting together the main railing components (posts, rails and balusters). Stair railing kits are also available in-store.

Your Options: Materials

Railings carried at The Home Depot come in a range of materials that can be used alone or combined for a unique look.

A wood deck railing


Pressure-treated wood is the most economical railing choice, but there are a variety of other wood types available, including cedar (which contains a natural preservative). Wood can be stained to a shade that matches or complements your deck.

A vinyl deck railing


Vinyl is a low-maintenance material known for its strength and durability. It has a slightly glossier finish than wood or composite and is available in white for a classic, airy railing look.

An aluminum deck railing


Aluminum is sturdy, lightweight and low-maintenance with a durable powder-coated paint finish. These types of railings come in black or white and mix well with other materials.

A composite deck railing


Composite is a material that mimics the look of wood, but won't splinter, crack, warp or rot. It comes in a wide variety of colours and requires only cleaning for maintenance.

A glass panelled deck railing

Glass Panels

Glass panels can be used instead of balusters (the vertical connectors between rails) for decks with a view or in yards where privacy is not an issue. These types of panels provide a modern look and coordinate well with vinyl or aluminum.

Should I stick with only one material for my railing?

One great feature of railing products at The Home Depot is they can be mixed and matched. Popular combinations include a wood or composite frame with aluminum balusters or a vinyl or aluminum frame with glass panels.

Wood railing frame with aluminum balusters Vinyl railing frame with glass panels

Railing Comparison Chart

Railing Type Colours Available Baluster Styles Available Maintenance Warranty General Price Point*
Wood Can be stained or sealed to desired shade
  • Traditional
  • Decorative
Yearly maintenance required (staining and resealing) N/A $
Vinyl White
  • Traditional
  • Decorative
  • Glass Panels
Only washing/cleaning required Up to a 20-Year Limited Warranty $$
Aluminum Black or White
  • Traditional
  • Glass Panels
Only washing/cleaning required Up to a 20-Year Limited Warranty $$$
Composite Colours vary by store location
  • Traditional
  • Decorative
Only washing/cleaning required Up to a 25-Year Limited Warranty $$$

*In order from least to most expensive.

Finishing Touch: Post Caps

Post caps add personality and charm to your deck and railings. They come in a variety of shapes and materials, including stained glass, aluminum, copper and painted wood, and can also double as outdoor lights.

Browse Post Caps

Want more deck décor ideas? Check out our Yardistry brand guide.

More Ideas for Your Deck Project

Deck Design Pre-Planner

Gather your information, print and complete the attached planner, then book an appointment with your local store associate to finalize the details of your deck project.

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Installation Services: Decking Installation

Don't want to build a deck yourself? Installation Services will take care of tearing down and hauling away your existing deck. They'll then acquire building permits (if needed) and professionally install the new deck of your dreams.

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