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If you're spending 20 minutes in the morning rummaging through your closet, searching for that missing shirt, then it's time to take control of the situation. While organizing your closet may seem like an overwhelming and expensive task, it's actually as simple as selecting a few great, inexpensive products to help you do the job.

Available for purchase at The Home Depot, Rubbermaid Configurations are a real-life, affordable solution. Selecting the right configuration and accessories will help you use space effectively, stay organized and save time.
The World's First Custom-Closet Organizers In A Box

Whether you're a beginner do-it-yourselfer or a seasoned home-improvement specialist, the assembly process is a snap. Gone are the days of spending hours measuring and planning. With the Rubbermaid Configuration system you just open the box, create a configuration that works for you, and install the unit using a few strategically placed screws. It's that simple because the shelving, hang rails and rods are designed to easily expand to accommodate the width of your closet. Plus, all elements of the Rubbermaid Configurations Collection have a stylish satin nickel, chrome or maple finish that will add some pizzazz to your closet space.
Rubbermaid 4 ft. to 8 ft. Configurations Custom Closet Kit provides up to 12 ft. of hanging space and 14 ft. of shelf space.
Rubbermaid 3 ft. to 6 ft. Configurations Custom Closet Kit provides up to 10 ft. of hang space and 12 ft. of shelf space.
Get the most from your Rubbermaid Configurations with a full range of add-ons to optimize your closet space.
Rubbermaid Sliding Wire Basket – You'll fall in the love with the Rubbermaid Sliding Wire Baskets that neatly store over-sized sweaters, accessories, etc.
Rubbermaid Tie and Belt Organizer – Keep 30 of your belts and ties looking like new by storing them in this creative organizer.
Rubbermaid Three-Shelf Hanging Unit – These shelves are great for storing bulky sweaters.
Rubbermaid 4 ft. Shelf Kit – Versatility is the defining feature of these satin-nickel finished shelves.
Rubbermaid Shoe Shelves – The Rubbermaid Shoe Shelves will help you say goodbye for good to closet floors covered in shoes and clutter.
Rubbermaid Two-Drawer Hanging Unit – This unit is perfect for the person that likes to tuck their out-of-season clothing out of sight. Just add the drawers to your existing configuration frame and you’re ready to go.
Rubbermaid Shoe Cubby Hanging Unit – Introducing the perfect accessory for every shoe fanatic. This 16-inch deep and 23-inch wide unit enables you to conveniently organize up to 12 pairs of shoes. You can even install multiple cubbies side-by-side.
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