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Shade-O-Matic: Imagination – Innovation – Inspiration

Manufacturer of quality window coverings - Proudly Canadian - 25 Years

Find the right window covering solution for your home, your lifestyle and your budget. Create the look that expresses your style with Tiffany Window Fashions by Shade-O-Matic.

Tiffany Window Fashions are available in many different styles to suit any décor. For a greater selection of colours and styles, visit your nearest Home Depot.

S48 - Custom Cut in 48 hours
  • Features competitively priced ready-made blinds and shades
  • Shipped within 48 hours of receipt of your order at Shade-O-Matic*
  • Trimmed to standard sizes for both length and width
  • A custom appearance at a moderate price
Tiffany Window Fashions
  • Features high fashion and premium quality window coverings
  • Available in an abundance of colours, styles, textures and fabrics
  • Custom-made to ensure a perfect fit every time


Shade-O-Matic Shutters Zoom Tiffany Window Fashions

Tiffany Wood Shutters are made from premium quality North American hardwood, providing optimal durability and strength, and are finished with an ultraviolet inhibitor to maintain their beauty and colour for years to come.

Specially formulated with a high quality poly-satin compound, Tiffany Grandview Shutters will never warp, fade or crack, and are the perfect choice for rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens and solariums. A smooth finish also allows for effortless cleaning every time.

Both shutter styles can be adapted to arched and bay windows, and other specialty shapes.

Horizontal sheers

Shade-O-Matic Horizontal Sheers Zoom Tiffany Window Fashions

Tiffany Horizontal Sheers create a magical sense of light by combining the elegant sheer of shade with the light control of a horizontal blind. When fully opened, enjoy an almost complete view of the outside with warmly diffused light. When tilted to varying degrees, light is softened. When fully closed, enjoy privacy without total darkness. Tiffany Horizontal Sheers are anti-static, dust and stain-resistant, making them an ideal choice for any room.

Cellular Shades

Shade-O-Matic Cellular Shades Zoom
S48 - Custom Cut in 48 hours Tiffany Window Fashions

Tiffany Cellular Shades will create areas of diffused light with maximum ultraviolet protection. These energy-efficient, honeycomb shades will provide your home with superior insulation and protection from the sun's harmful rays, while providing optimum light and privacy control. Choose from the latest designer patterns and colours, colour coordinated hardware, concealed cords and holes, and metal headrails and bottomrails that define the Tiffany collection.

Roman Shades

Shade-O-Matic Roman Shades Zoom Tiffany Window Fashions

Tiffany Roman Shades are classic, and will add a touch of style and grace to any room. This collection of Roman Shades comes in a large selection of fabrics and styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, with elegant fabric valances that conceal these shades when raised. For a sophisticated and exotic look, add a Tiffany Panel Track in coordinating fabrics for large-scale doors and windows.

Vertical Blinds

Shade-O-Matic Vertical Blinds Zoom Tiffany Window Fashions

Make a statement with Tiffany custom Vertical Blinds. Choose from a wide range of patterns, colours and textures with fabric, PVC or aluminium vanes. Or, create a dramatic look with the Tiffany Sheer Vertical Wrap by combining the visual beauty of a soft, elegant sheer with the light control, privacy and functionality of a vertical blind. Choose from a wide range of sheer styles, including European voiles, batistes, linens and poly-silks, in traditional and fashion-forward colours.

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