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True Comfort

True Comfort - Floor Warming & Heating Systems

Say Goodbye to Cold Feet!

Whether you want to heat your room or add an additional touch of comfort, True Comfort has the perfect system for you. True Comfort floor heating systems can be installed anywhere in your home, including bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, hallway, living room, basement and more.


Radiant heat diagram

With True Comfort radiant heating, heat spreads evenly from the ground up. The heat is absorbed by the objects and then distributed throughout the room - creating a luxurious sense of well-being and comfort.

Traditional heating systems heat the air, which rises naturally toward the ceiling where it gathers while the floor stays cold. To feel warm, we often increase the temperature and overheat, which dries the air and substantially increases our bills.

By heating solid masses instead of the air, True Comfort heating systems allow you to reduce ambient air temperature by 5°C while maintaining the same level of comfort**. The lower demand on the heating system will also provide energy savings up to 28%*.

* In the room heated by a True Comfort floor heating system.
** Source: ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers).


  • Easy to install
  • EMF-free (electromagnetic fields)
  • Does not spread dust or germs
  • Maintenance free
  • Does not dry the air
  • Silent
  • Compatible with most floor coverings
  • Very resistant cable
  • Adapts to rooms of all shapes and dimensions
  • Wide range of lengths
  • Designed for indoor installation in wet or dry environments
  • 25-year limited warranty

Based on the installation instructions included in our True Comfort installation guide, the recorded EMF measurement is considered insignificant (between 0.25 mG and 0.5 mG).


True Comfort heating cables and heating mats are available in 120-volt and 240-volt options. Both voltages use the same amount of energy and require their own dedicated circuit - be sure not to exceed the capacity of the circuit. These floor heating systems are designed for indoor installation in wet or dry environments and will not dry out the air or spread dust or germs.

Heating Cables

Floor heating cables

True Comfort heating cables are ideal for any room size or configuration. Using patented gauges to ensure even spacing and anchoring, these heating cables can be easily installed around permanent fixtures and obstacles. They are compatible with most flooring types and come in a variety of lengths.


Heating Mats

Floor heating mats

True Comfort heating mats are perfect for square or rectangular shaped rooms that are free of obstacles. It is compatible with ceramic or natural stone flooring and its self-adhesive backing makes installation a breeze.

Programmable thermostat

Programmable Thermostat
The True Comfort programmable electronic dual-voltage thermostat is easy to use and offers three different modes: manual, automatic and vacation. Its advanced start-up function determines when the system should activate in order to reach the desired temperature at the desired time.

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Floor heating starter kit

Starter Kit
Perfect for small areas such as powder rooms and foyers, the True Comfort starter kit includes a 120-volt heating cable, programmable thermostat, glue stick and patented gauges, as well as an installation DVD. This starter kit covers an area of 10 to 12 square feet.

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True Comfort cables and mats carry a 25 year limited warranty. The True Comfort electronic programmable thermostat has an 18 month warranty. Call 1-877-800-TRUE (8783) if you have any questions regarding the warranty.


How to calculate the installation area?

  1. Calculate the total surface area of the room.
  2. Calculate the surface occupied by fixed objects (e.g. toilet, shower, vanity, etc.)
  3. Subtract the surface area of the fixed objects from the total surface of the room. Remember to calculate the angles if the walls or fixed objects are not square or rectangular.

The result in square feet is the installation surface. Please note that you must use a separate cable or mat inside the shower.


Example diagram for measuring square feet
Total Surface
150" x 124" = 129.2 ft2
Subtract Permanent Fixtures
Fixtures Measurements Subtotal Angles to Heat Fixture Surface
Shower 48" x 60" = 20 ft2 N/A   20.0 ft2
Bath 60" x 60" = 25 ft2 -3.125 ft2 [(30" x 30") ÷ 2] = 21.9 ft2
Vanity 78" x 22" = 12 ft2 -1.0 ft2 (12" x 12") = 21.9 ft2
Linen Closet 24" x 24" = 04 ft2 -0.5 ft2 [(12" x 12") ÷ 2] = 3.5 ft2
Toilet           3.0 ft2
Surface Area to be Heated (Bathroom) 68.9 ft2
Surface Area to be Heated (Shower) 20.0 ft2

How to determine spacing for heating cables?
Use the table below to determine which spacing is appropriate for your cable installation according to the subfloor and floor covering you will be using. The spacing requirements indicated in the chart are displayed in inches.

If you are planning on installing a mat, simply find the right one to fit the space to be heated as determined above.

Floor Coverings Installation Surfaces
  Plywood Smooth
Ceramic Acoustic
Ceramic 3 3 or 4 3 3 3 3 3 or 4 3
Natural Stone 3 3 or 4 3 3 3 3 3 or 4 3

Additional floor coverings are compatible with installations on smooth concrete - engineered wood, vinyl, floating floor, linoleum, parquet and carpet (without rubber backing or carpet padding). Always check with the manufacturers of these types of floor coverings that their products are compatible with floor heating systems. Use four inch spacing when installing a True Comfort floor heating system with one of these floor coverings.

3 inch spacing = 12 watts per square foot
4 inch spacing = 9 watts per square foot

NOTE: Maintain the same spacing throughout the installation.


True Comfort floor heating systems are easy to install. You will receive a full installation DVD and guide with every True Comfort product purchased.

DIY Project Guide: Installing a True Comfort Radiant Floor Heating System
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