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    VELUX Skylights & Sun Tunnel Skylights®

    VELUX Skylights & Sun Tunnel Skylights®

    Bathe your home in natural light for a spacious and uplifting feel. VELUX Skylights and Sun Tunnel Skylights® harmonize with both contemporary and traditional décor to transform conventional rooms into splendid spaces. Infuse your kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, or hallway with daylight, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

    VELUX The No Leak Skylight

    VELUX – The No Leak Skylight™

    With 3 layers of protection the Deck mounted skylight is The No Leak Skylight™.

    1. NEW Deck Seal – Only skylight with a pre–attached deck seal which provides a seal between the frame and roof deck for absolute water tightness.
    2. Roofing Underlayment – secondary water protection against the harshest weather conditions.
    3. Step Flashing – Engineered flashing for primary water protection. Proven to be the best on the market.

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    VELUX Electric Venting Skylight

    VELUX Electric Venting Skylight (VSE)

    Part of The No Leak Skylight™ family, electric venting skylights (VSE) are designed for deck–mount installations. Apart from inviting in an abundance of daylight, they quietly open for fresh air, and automatically close when built–in sensor detects rain. With a concealed motor and a programmable remote control, the VSE is both attractive and easy to operate. Available through special order.

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    VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight

    VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylight®

    Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylights® are tubular and ideal for gathering light from all directions. They feature a highly reflective tube to create an energy–efficient source of light, making them ideal for walk–in closets, hallways, bathrooms and laundry rooms. These easy–to–install VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights® are available in 10", 14" and 21" diameters.

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    VELUX Fixed Skylight

    VELUX Fixed Skylight (FS)

    Part of The No Leak Skylight™ family, fixed skylights (FS) are designed for deck–mount installations and are an economical choice. They bring in an abundance of natural daylight and are perfect for living rooms, family rooms, stairwells, foyers and halls.

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    VELUX Sunscreen Accessories

    VELUX Sunscreen Accessories

    Pick&Click™ brackets make the installation of sunscreen blinds literally a snap! 4 types of blinds to choose from:

    • Venetian blinds bring style and comfort.
    • Roller blinds help diffuse the light.
    • Blackout blinds block the light.
    • Solar blinds are powered by the sun and do not require wiring.

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    VELUX Fixed Curb Mounted Skylight

    VELUX Curb–Mounted Skylight – Fixed (FCM)

    Curb Mounted skylights provide a quick and easy solution for replacing plastic bubbles with quality glass VELUX skylights.

    • Ideal energy efficient upgrade.
    • Easily fits over existing curbs.
    • Custom sizes available (FCM model only).
    • Also available in electric or manual venting (special order).

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    VELUX Skylights at The Home Depot
    Description Fixed Skylight (FS) Electric Venting Skylight (VSE) Rigid Sun Tunnel Skylight® Curb Mounted Skylight – Fixed (FCM)
    In–Store Article # 1000669013 Special Order 1000407763 1000668636
    Model # FS C06 VSE C06 TMF 010 FCM 2246
    Energy Star Approved  
    Blinds Option
    Custom Sizing Option
    Light Kit Option
    Copper Finish Option
    Comfort and ComfortPlus Glass Option
    20 years on seal failure
    10 years for defective parts on skylights
    10 years for defective parts, rust corrosion and deterioration
    5 years for defective parts on electrical systems and sunscreening products

    Energy–Efficient Glass

    Comfort Glass

    • Features LoE³ protective coating and argon gas–filled panes to reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter

    ComfortPlus Glass

    • Features the same LoE³ protective coating and argon gas–filled panes as Comfort Glass
    • Laminated glass adds safety and UV protection
    • Extremely durable and virtually maintenance free
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