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Wall Ovens

Wall Ovens: a buying guide

The Convenient Wall Oven

Wall ovens are designed to provide an excellent fit in any kitchen, no matter the layout or space restrictions. Paired with a sophisticated cooktop they can provide a stylish, modern look for your kitchen.

Gas vs. Electric

The first decision you'll need to make when purchasing a wall oven is whether you want a gas- or electric-powered unit. There was a time when electric ovens took a little longer to heat up than gas ovens, but modern machines don't tend to have that problem. If you don't have a gas connection handy, you may end up choosing an electric model by default.

Oven Type Benefits Points to Consider


Large Window

Large Window

With a large window, you'll be able to clearly see food as it cooks without having to open the door repeatedly, helping to prevent overcooking while providing a tantalizing preview of the meal to come.

Electronic Controls

Electronic Controls

For maximum effectiveness, look for wall ovens that feature electronic controls, which make it easy to set precise temperatures and program timers while helping you take advantage of all of your oven's functions.

Hidden Bake Element

Hidden Bake Element

Cleaning the oven can be a pain. Look for one with a hidden bake element, which makes the bottom of the oven easier to wipe down.

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