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Living room with blue floral wallpaper


Wallpaper is a great way to add visual interest to your home, especially with the range of patterns, colours and textures available. With some planning and patience, you can easily wallpaper an entire room to add drama or select one wall (or ceiling) to accentuate. You can also use wallpaper to revamp a piece of furniture or spruce up the inside of cupboards and drawers. Our extensive collection will inspire you to express your style while creating a feeling of depth and space.


Consider these four factors when choosing wallpaper for your space.

1. Material

Areas prone to high humidity or heavy traffic, such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways, are best suited to vinyl-coated or solid vinyl wallpaper. These types of wallpaper are non-breathable and therefore more stain-resistant and easier to clean (look for products labelled “washable” or “scrubbable”).

For areas with lower moisture levels, both breathable and non-breathable wall coverings are an option. Fabric wallpaper is great for bedrooms and living rooms, but keep in mind these varieties are generally non-pasted, making them more difficult to apply than other types. Innovative new varieties of non-vinyl wallpaper (made from paper fibre) are both washable and easy to apply and remove.

2. Application

In terms of application, there are three main categories of wallpaper:

Pre-pasted has an easy-to-apply adhesive backing. The term “booking” refers to activating the pre-pasted wallpaper, which is usually done by wetting the strips with a sponge.

Self-adhesive (or peel-and-stick) has a sticker-like backing for convenient removal. To apply, take off the backing and smooth carefully over walls. (This type of wallpaper can usually be lifted and applied a couple of times to get the positioning right).

Non-pasted (or paste-the-wall) requires a separate paste to be applied to the wallpaper (or sometimes the wall itself). Follow manufacturer’s instructions on what type of adhesive to use. Application is more intensive as it requires every area of the wallpaper backing to be covered evenly with paste.

TIP: Look for wallpaper labelled “strippable” if you want something that’s easy to remove. This is convenient for when you change your mind or are expecting the wallpaper to be a shorter-term décor commitment.

3. Colour and Texture

As with paint, choosing a wallpaper colour depends on the room where you’re applying it. Look to your floors, furniture and accent pieces for guidance and remember light colours make rooms look bigger, whereas dark colours are more dramatic and often make a room feel cozier.

When you want to give your room a more tactile dimension, choose wallpaper with interesting textural elements. Textured wallpaper, such as embossed varieties or those made with natural fibres, can also disguise uneven walls or other surface flaws.

4. Pattern

Wallpaper comes in a huge variety of patterns, from floral to striped to damask. If you’re new to wallpapering, it’s recommended you start with a pattern that’s easy to line up. Here are some guidelines:

Brown random match textured wallpaper

Random match wallpaper has a completely arbitrary pattern; it may be one solid colour or consist of different colours or shades, but it would not bear any design.
Level of difficulty: Beginner

Blue striped straight across wallpaper

Straight across patterned wallpaper have repetitive patterns that are designed to be lined up side by side, either horizontally or vertically.
Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Gold patterned drop match wallpaper

Drop match patterned wallpaper has a pattern in which every other sheet needs to be cut at the same spot in order to line up the pattern.
Level of difficulty: Advanced

TIP: Floral or repeated patterns can be a good choice for smaller areas and can be used to hide bumps, nicks and other wall imperfections. Vertical stripes make walls and ceilings look higher, so they’re a good choice for tight spaces.


Whether your taste is traditional or modern — or somewhere in between — The Home Depot has a wallpaper to suit your taste and budget. Get inspired by looking at how wallpaper can add character to any room in your home. Along with what’s available in-store, we have several online-only wallpaper styles and collections.

Once you've determined what type of wallpaper suits your space, use our Wallpaper Calculator to find out exactly how much you'll need.

Home Depot Apron


Be sure to choose wallpaper from the same dye lot number indicated on the label (this number is also called the batch or run number). This ensures that rolls bearing the same number were made from the same batch for an exact colour match. Mixing wallpaper from other lot numbers can result in irregularities because the ink colours may vary slightly.



Classical burgundy and gold patterned wallpaper



Contemporary blue patterned wallpaper



Sage green floral wallpaper



Light blue striped wallpaper



Tan basket-weave textured wallpaper



White textured paintable wallpaper


Looking for ideas on how to use wallpaper in your home? Check out tips from our Design Centre.


Wallpapered lampshade

If you want to experiment with wallpaper but aren’t ready to apply it on a wall, try using bold prints on the inside of cupboards and drawers. You can also use wallpaper to cover a piece of furniture like a dresser, side table or bookshelf, or to dress up a lamp shade or message board.


Children's room with animal wall decals

Looking for a quick design fix? Browse our online selection of wall appliqués. These commitment-free, repositionable pieces of art can liven up kids’ rooms with fun and youthful designs or add interest to any wall or ceiling.



Old wallpaper must be removed before applying new wallpaper because the tension exerted by the new layer on the old can cause the original bond to fail and the paper could come off the wall or bubble dramatically.

Find out how to remove wallpaper in our Know-How Centre.

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