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Weiser Locks

Homeowners have trusted their home security to Weiser® for more than a century. The company has become a well-recognized leader in innovative entry systems that meet both the safety and fashion needs of consumers. Weiser® has recognized that continued product development over the decades has been essential in meeting changing community lifestyles.

Property owners have benefitted from the introduction of trouble-free locking mechanisms in basic lockable handlesets as well as more sophisticated systems like the the SmartKey™ system and the SmartCode™ Keyless Home Access System. Weiser® has also addressed design requirements, understanding that homeowners want a reliable entry handleset as well as an elegant and decorative one.

SmartKey™ SmartKey™ - BumpGuard™ protection

Re-key Your Locks in Seconds
SmartKey™ is an innovative approach to home security using patented side bar technology that replaces the traditional pin-and-tumbler design. It includes BumpGuard™ for improved security against lock bumping. But the best thing about SmartKey™ is that you can re-key your own lock any time you want - without removing it from your door. It's so simple and amazingly quick.

Re-key as Easy as 1-2-3
Your new SmartKey™ lock includes a functioning key and a SmartKey™ Learn Tool that is used to re-key your lock. You'll need both the Learn Tool and working key every time you want to change keys. All you need to do is insert your working key into the lock and turn it a quarter-turn. Next you insert the Learn Tool into its tiny slot and remove it again. Remove the working key and insert your new key, turning it a half-turn counter-clockwise. That's it - re-keyed in a flash!

SmartKey™ is available in a wide variety of finishes and styles including handlesets, knobs and levers.

Weiser® SmartKey™ door lock

Smart reasons to choose a SmartKey™ lock:
• Lost, stolen or unreturned keys
• You want increased security
• Tenant turnover
• Several locks - just one key
• Occasional visitor access


Simple Access with SmartCode™
For convenient keyless entry, Weiser's SmartCode™ Signature Series takes Powerbolt® to the next level. SmartCode™ offers deadbolt closure with code-activated access. You choose your own memorable code for push-button entry and lock your door again with just one button. You can even assign temporary codes when a friend or a tradesperson needs access and delete it when you like. SmartCode™ offers excellent security with its 1", heavy-duty deadbolt and break-in-resistant strike plate.

Easy DIY Installation
SmartCode™ is easy to install and program yourself and it operates on 4 AA batteries. The electronic keypad even lights up so you can see it in the dark. Locks also include SmartKey™ technology, giving you the best of both entry systems. Now, that's a smart idea!

SmartCode™ features:
• Keyless entry deadbolt
• The only one-touch locking motorized deadbolt
• Back-lit keypad for increased visibility
• Installs in minutes with a screwdriver
• Includes SmartKey™ re-key technology
• Runs on 4 AA batteries

Weiser® SmartCode™ Signature Series door lock

Keyless Home Access System
Weiser's touchpad electronic deadbolt provides the convenience of keyless entry systems with conventional keyed entry when required. Operating on battery power, the system permits access with your personalized 4 to 8 digit code. It is easy to install, easy to program and easy to use. Security is ensured by system shutdown after three wrong codes are entered, resulting in a 15-second buzzer noise to deter unauthorized entry.

Powerbolt® is available in several finishes to suit your front door style.

Weiser® touchpad electronic deadbolt

Weiser® lock and handle sets come in finishes for every lifestyle. Choose from a variety of bright, satin and antique finishes. Bright brass and chrome sets are protected with Weiser's Brilliance finish against the harshest elements. It will not corrode, tarnish or discolour for a lifetime. Whatever your style preference, you'll find the perfect Weiser® Fashion Doorware at The Home Depot.


1 year limited warranty on electronic components.
Full lifetime mechanical warranty.
Full lifetime finish warranty.

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