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Yardistry Structures, Screens and Fences

Create a space that fits your lifestyle

With Yardistry components, you can create structures that provide shade or define outdoor living space; screens that bring delineation to an area of interest or filter a view; and fences to create privacy and further enhance the garden's natural features.

Four Steps to Creating Beautiful Unforgettable Spaces

Step 1

Choose from hundreds of sample projects from the Yardistry Design Library or try Yardistry's Wizard Tool to help build your own project.

Step 2

Select your components to create your own design. Yardistry components are engineered and architected to fit together for a customized look and feel.

Step 3

Add standard lumber to your project. All Yardistry components work with standard dimensional lumber.

Step 4

Build and enjoy! Yardistry components come ready to assemble with all the required hardware, and the patented Click & Lock technology makes installation simple.

Yardistry Design Gallery

Visit your local Home Depot to get started on your Yardistry project. Our lumber Associates will be happy to assist you.

Yardistry Click & Lock Technology

This unique connection system enables the quick assembly of components with only a screwdriver. Simply align the components, click them together, lock them in place and install screws at the pre-drilled locations to complete assembly.

1. Align connection hardware on panels.

Click & Lock - Align Connection Hardware on Panels

2. Insert left connection clip into right.

Click & Lock - Insert Left Connection Clip Into Right

3. Slide panel down to lock in place.

Click & Lock - Slide Panel Down into Place

4. Add screws and finish with Top & Bottom Rail.

Click & Lock - Add Screws to Top and Bottom Rails

Yardistry Components and Dimensions

Yardistry structures, screens and fences are pre-finished wood-based products made from exterior grade cedar. And with metal components that are powder coated, marine grade aluminum, you'll be enjoying your Yardistry creation for years to come.

Wooden Components

One High L5 Lattice Topper

One High L5 Lattice Topper

One High X Topper

One High X Topper

Arc Topper

Arc Topper

6” & 8” Beam End

6" & 8" Beam End

Two High L5 Lattice Panel

Two High L5 Lattice Panel

Three High L5 Lattice Panel

Three High L5 Lattice Panel

Two High X Panel

Two High X Panel

Three High X Panel

Three High X Panel

Top & Bottom Rail

Top & Bottom Rail

Metal Components

Panel Clips

Panel Clips

4” & 6” Post Caps

4” & 6” Post Caps

4” & 6” Post Top Connectors

4” & 6” Post Top Connectors

  • All plan dimensions are measured to the inside of the posts.
  • Panel height measurement includes Top and Bottom Rail.
  • Elevation from ground not included.
  • Suggested post height is 3” above the Top Rail and 3” from the ground to the Bottom Rail.
  • Maximum panel configuration is 4 panels high by 4 panels wide.

Top & Bottom Rails:

Top & Bottom Rails

One High Panel:

A Topper is used to create a One High Panel. Choose from Lattice or X Toppers.

One High Panel

Two High Panel:

Choose from Two High Lattice or X Panels.

Two High Panel

Three High Panel:

There are two methods for creating a Three High Panel. Use only one method consistently throughout the entire design, as the two methods produce different heights. Method 1 uses a Three High Panel, while Method 2 uses a Two High Panel and a Topper.

Three High Panel

Four High Panel:

Use a Three High Panel and a Topper. Choose from Lattice or X Panels and Toppers.

Four High Panel

Yardistry Design Wizard

Yardistry Design Wizard

Create beautiful designs of your dream structure, screen or fence by answering a few simple questions and selecting your favourite Yardistry elements. Once you are satisfied with your design, the Yardistry Wizard tool will automatically generate dimensioned construction drawings and a material list from which you can build your project.

Design as many projects as you wish and review them from four different views: perspective, top, front and right. You can print your plans to share with friends and family or save your files for convenient access in the future.

Try the Yardistry Design Wizard Now

Yardistry Installation Tips & Tricks

  • Maximum Panel Configuration: 4 panels wide x 4 panels high.
  • Top and Bottom Rails: Add structural integrity to assemblies and are recommended. Rails are oversized in length to allow cutting into smaller lengths.
  • Panel Clips: 1 box is required for each panel to be mounted. Each panel clip box contains all the hardware and screws to assemble and mount a 4-panel high x 4-panel wide assembly. Smaller panel assemblies will have leftover parts.
  • Changing Colour: Yardistry panels are pre-finished in a water-based stain and can be top coated with a water-based stain if a colour change is desired.
  • Selecting Driver Bits: Using a 4" or 6" driver bit is recommended for installation of panel screws.

Yardistry 5 year Limited warranty

Yardistry Limited ("Yardistry") warrants to the original residential purchaser that all wood components and hardware in its products, under normal residential use and service conditions, will be free from defects in manufacturing and materials for a period of five (5) years from the date of original retail purchase.

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