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Contemporary Pond with Flexible Liner

Project Overview

Contemporary Pond with Flexible Liner

Ceate your own contemporary liner pond to add atmosphere to your yard.

5 Steps

  1. Determine Pond Location
  2. Debris Removal & Underlayment Installation
  3. Liner Installation
  4. Pond Fill
  5. Pump Placement
Determine Pond Location

Step 1

Determine Pond Location

Determine placement/location and preferred shape of the pond. Use rope or hose to lay out the rough design. Spray paint perimeter around the rope to use as a guide. Remove rope/hose and begin digging. For ponds no larger than 6' x 8' the depth should range between 12 to 18 inches. The walls should be sloped roughly 30 degree's inward. The top or ground level as well as the bottom of the pond need to be level.

Debris Removal & Underlayment Installation

Step 2

Debris Removal & Underlayment Installation

Once the hole is dug it is important to remove all roots, rocks, and other sharp debris that could cause damage to the liner. Using Beckett underlayment, cover the sides and floor of the pond leaving at least one foot of excess underlayment around the upper edge. Underlayment should always be used to further protect the liner from damage.

Liner Installation

Step 3

Liner Installation

Cover the entire pond with a single piece of Beckett liner (included in the kit). Press the liner into every corner of the hole, attempting to remove all creases as work. Clear all debris from the interior liner prior to filling with water.

Pond Fill

Step 4

Pond Fill

Use decorative stones around the upper coping edge to anchor the liner in place. Begin to add water until the pond is approximately 1/3 full. Fold and manipulate the liner at this time to minimize wrinkles and creases. Continue adding water until the pond is approximately 90% filled. Allowing for one foot of excess liner around the upper edge the remainder may be trimmed off.

Pump Placement

Step 5

Pump Placement

Place the pump from the kit in the centre of the pond. Plug in and adjust the nozzle to a desired water flow. With the pump running, cover the entire bottom of the pond with clean river rocks. Add clean decorative stone to the upper edges to give the pond a more natural look. Pond liner should almost become invincible when all the stones and rock are in place. "Lastly, add Beckett Pond Clarifier and the decorative pond art. Wait 24 hours before adding any aquatic plants. Note: Always use GFCI outlets when installing water features. GFCI outlets are found in the electrical department."

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Project Details

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 2 hours

Before you start, read this »

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  • Aquatic plants
  • Beckett pond clarifier
  • Beckett medium water garden kit
  • Decorative landscape rock
  • Levelling sand
  • Mossy boulders
  • River rock (small and medium)
  • Underlayment


  • Gloves
  • Level
  • Spray Paint
  • Scissors
  • Shovel

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