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Create a Laundry Bag

Project Overview

Create a Laundry Bag

Why is it that laundry seems to have a life of its own? Everyone has had mysteriously disappearing socks, somehow "eaten" by their washer or dryer. These easy-to-make laundry bags, sewn from unbleached canvas drop cloths, will not only help organize your family's clothes but are also an elegant addition to your laundry room.

10 Steps

  1. Lay your natural-canvas
  2. Using a template
  3. Cut
  4. Measure and mark
  5. Cut a ½" slit parallel
  1. With wrong side up,
  2. Lay circle on top
  3. Stitch around circle
  4. When you have stitched
  5. Turn bag right side out
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Step 1

Lay your natural-canvas

drop cloth flat on a large surface.

Step 2

Using a template

(e.g. a large dinner plate) create a circle on the canvas in pencil. (Our circle was 13" across its middle plus 1" allowance for hem = 14" total diametre.)

Step 3


out circle.

Step 4

Measure and mark

a rectangle on canvas 40.25" by 24". Cut it out.

Step 5

Cut a ½" slit parallel

to long edge of fabric approximately 2" from top of fabric. Fold to create a small hem, then stitch. Repeat on opposite side of your rectangle. Make sure wrong side of fabric is facing up.

Step 6

With wrong side up,

lay 50" length of ¼" cotton cord (or ribbon) about 1.5" from the top (long side) of the fabric rectangle. Fold fabric ¼" along the top, then fold over cord and pin. Sew hem along long side of fabric, enclosing cotton cord – this will become the drawstring.

Step 7

Lay circle on top

of un-hemmed long side of rectangle making sure right sides are together.

Step 8

Stitch around circle

leaving ½" of rectangle unattached at beginning of seam. (This will allow you to make a seam up the laundry bag.) Tuck rectangle in as you go so the long edge of the rectangle is always parallel to the edge of the circle. Stitch approximately ½" from both edges of fabric.

Step 9

When you have stitched

stitched both pieces of fabric together, you should have ½" of fabric left loose to sew up the side of the bag. Make sure bag is inside out and seam is pinned before sewing seam up to the drawstring.

Step 10

Turn bag right side out

and tie cord or ribbon into a knot. If you are using a hook, thread cord through its hole before tying knot.

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Project Details

Skill Level: Intermediate

Time: 1 hour

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