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Focal Window

Project Overview

Focal Window

Trim out the windows of a newer build home with classically-inspired pilasters, pediments and baseboard to inject a sense of architectural integrity into your domestic view.

10 Steps

  1. Cut
  2. Afix mouldings to backings
  3. Trim backing
  4. Finish joined lengths
  5. Prime
  1. Measure and layout
  2. Cut to size
  3. Cut notches
  4. Install
  5. Finishing
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Step 1


From 2' x 8' length of MDF, rip and crosscut backing for moulding components, 1/4" wider than width of mouldings. Rip 3" MDF strips for detail below windows.

Afix mouldings to backings

Step 2

Afix mouldings to backings

Using carpenter's glue and 3/4" 18-gauge brad nails, fix backing strips to mouldings allowing 1/8" overhang on all sides. Allow glue to dry.

Trim backing

Step 3

Trim backing

Using a trim router with a flush trim bit, rout backing flush to trim.

Finish joined lengths

Step 4

Finish joined lengths

Fill the routed edges with plastic wood. When dry, sand with an orbital sander and 150 grit sandpaper.


Step 5


Prime all mouldings, 3" MDF detail and 1/2" cove moulding prior to cutting and installation.

Measure and layout

Step 6

Measure and layout

Measure window and lay out mouldings. For plinth and corner blocks, centre casing. For our project the plinth and corner blocks are 5/8" wider than the casing so we centred the casing to leave a reveal of 5/16".

Cut to size

Step 7

Cut to size

Using a compound mitre saw or box and hand saw, cut trim to fit layout.

Step 8

Cut notches

Use a jigsaw to notch the 3" MDF detail to fit flush around the plinth blocks.


Step 9


Install trim with 2" 18-gauge brad nails and carpenter's glue. Install the 3" MDF strips and 1/2" cove moulding with 1-1/4" 18-gauge brad nails.


Step 10


Fill all brad holes and seams with latex caulking then apply a final coat of paint.

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Project Details

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 4 hours

Before you start, read this »

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  • 2 Plinth Blocks
  • 2 Corner Blocks
  • 18' Window Casing
  • 4" Length Baseboard To Match Existing Base
  • 12" of 1/2" Cove Moulding
  • Small Box Of 3/4" 18-Gauge Brad Nails
  • 400 mL Carpenter's Glue
  • 250 mL Plastic Wood
  • 1Package Of Sand Paper To Fit Orbital Sander 150 Grit
  • 400 mL Tube Of Latex Caulk
  • 941 mL Paint
  • 2" x 8" Length Of 1/2" MDF (From 4' x 8' Sheet)

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