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Traditional Pond

Project Overview

Traditional Pond
Pre-formed Liner Placement

Step 1

Pre-formed Liner Placement

Place pre-formed liner where desired. Using a hammer drive stakes around the perimeter of the liner outlining where to dig. Dig the hole slightly larger than the circumference of the stakes The rim of the liner should be above the ground but, not more than 4"s.

Leveling Liner

Step 2

Leveling Liner

Place liner in hole and check for level. Once level begin back filling in all directons. Backfill the remainder of the hole creating a natural slope around the surface of the liner.

Debris/Dirt Removal

Step 3

Debris/Dirt Removal

Remove any dirt and debris from inside the liner. Fill the liner 1/3 full with water and check to make sure it is still level. Adjust the liner if necessary. Continue filling the pond within 2 inches from the top.

Bio-pump Assembly

Step 4

Bio-pump Assembly

Assemble the Beckett bio-filter as per the instructions. Insert the pump and cover with bio elements in the box. Replace the lid. Place the entire filter into the bottom/center portion of the pond. Weight the box down with landscape stones. Attach the extension tube/nozzle. Plug in the filter and adjust the nozzle to the desired height.

Pump Placement

Step 5

Pump Placement

Prepare the river rock by thoroughly rinsing off all small debris. Add the clean rock to the bottom of the pond. This will help camouflage the pump and wires. Add decorative slate/limestone rock around the entire upper edge to camouflage the upper rim.

Final Steps

Step 6

Final Steps

Lastly, add Beckett Pond Clarifier and the decorative pond art. Wait 24 hours before adding any aquatic plants. Note: Always use GFCI outlets when installing water features. GFCI outlets are found in the electrical department.

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Project Details

Skill Level: Beginner

Time: 1 hour

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  • 1/2" vinyl tubing
  • 42 gallon pre-formed pond
  • Aquatic plants
  • Beckett pond clarifier
  • Beckett water garden kit
  • Decorative landscape stone
  • Goldfish Spitter
  • Levelling sand
  • Mossy boulders
  • River rock


  • Gloves
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Shovel

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