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Repair and Prepare This Spring


Water Clean-Up

water clean up

Ensure your sump pump is in working order. Test whether it is properly operating by adding water to the pit until the motor turns on.

Avoid flooding by moving snow piles to a well-drained area.

Divert water away from your foundation, trees and deck with a downspout gutter extension.

Yard Clean-Up

water clean up

Start pruning early in the season. The best time to repair damaged trees is in the early spring when active growth has not yet begun.

After the snow has thawed, take a look around your yard for any low spots close to your home’s foundation. Fill these areas in with compacted soil to avoid flooding and potential foundation damage during spring rainfall.

Outdoor Repair

water clean up

Scoop out loose debris, like leaves, then clean out your eavestroughs with a hose.

Clear any obstructions in downspouts to maintain water flow, repair leaks, and re-align sagging eavestroughs. This will help prevent misdirected water flow, which could lead to foundation damage or basement flooding.

Assess your roof to see if any shingles were lost or damaged this winter. Be sure to fix any problems now, in order to avoid larger issues with spring rainfall on the way.