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Behr Premium Plus UltraQuality. Value. Admiration. They're in the can. BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA(TM)
Experience a new way to paint with Behr Premium Plus Ultra(TM). Colours that perform beautifully.

BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA™ INTERIOR is now available at The Home Depot.

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About Behr Premium Plus Ultra(TM)
Paint and Primer in one

BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA™ is a one-can paint—you don’t need a separate primer on either existing or uncoated surfaces, even for drastic colour changes. And with just a single set of brushes or rollers to clean, and only one can to store, you save time, space and hassle.

Sophisticated Colours

Our 386 hand-selected colours range from relaxing, organic-toned neutrals to more saturated and vibrant hues. Especially chosen to be easy to combine and pleasant to live with, they’ll help you create harmonious contemporary, classic and personal colour schemes—fast.

Sophisticated Colour Palette
Stays Looking New Longer(TM)

A revolutionary paint and primer in one, BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA™ is made with the finest raw materials and was developed using NANOGUARD® technology.

This advanced technology helps provide a unique, interlocking molecular structure that results in a denser, harder, more durable paint film.

The highest performing paint BEHR has ever offered, BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA™ is liquid protection for your home, inside and out.


BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA™ also proudly offers quality low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) products. These low-VOC products contribute to less indoor and outdoor air pollution and may be safer for you and your family.

Behr and the Environment

Behr strives to be a good steward of the environment. Behr uses the most advanced technology available to create products that deliver exceptional performance. Customers that use durable coatings with lasting colours, have to paint less frequently. This means they end up using less products over time, which helps reduce the impact on our environment.

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