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Mobile Furniture Solutions

Flexible Home Office Solutions

Choose pieces that can go from home office to couch to patio to wherever you need to work from home comfortably.

Flexible Solutions

Trending Flexible Solutions

Find portable lap desks, back pillows, bean bag chairs and more to help you work from home in comfort and style. 

Flexible Solutions

Flexible Home Office Ideas

Make a more comfortable work from home environment with multi-functional furniture. Move from the office to the couch to the patio with the right solutions. Change up your sitting habits with a standing desk, work on the couch with a laptop stand or sofa table or get a mobile desk for a change of scenery. The Home Depot Canada has a variety of flexible home office solutions from adjustable standing desks to lap desks to couch tables so you can work from home in comfort and style.

Change Up Your Sitting Habits

Standing desks are a great way to ease back and neck pain and burn some calories while you work from home. The Home Depot Canada carries a wide selection of standing desks in varying sizes and styles. There are desktop versions that sit on top of your regular desk and extend upward so you can stand up and work. There are full desk versions with adjustable tops so you can sit or stand. There are also mobile versions so you can move it around your home. Find the perfect standing desk for your space so you can start focusing on a healthier workday. 

Set Up an Outdoor Home Office

Enjoy the sunshine while you work from home by setting up a home office on the patio. A laptop stand can sit on top of your patio table so you can work more comfortably. A portable lap desk fits right on your lap so you can relax in a Muskoka chair and work. The Home Depot Canada carries a variety of flexible work stations so you can find exactly what you need at a price point you love.