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    Dishwashers Designed for Convenience

    Make easy work of cleaning up after the largest of meals by outfitting your kitchen with a dishwasher. This will quickly become one of the most-used appliances in your kitchen. 

    Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Dishwasher

    Brand: Washers are available by all the top name brand you've come to trust. The Home Depot has lots of options including Frigidaire dishwashers, Maytag dishwashers, Bosch dishwashers, Samsung dishwashers and more.  If all the appliances in your kitchen are by the same brand, you may want to keep it consistent when selecting a build-in dishwasher.

    Colour: White and black dishwashers tend to blend in with your cabinetry for a subtle effect. A stainless steel dishwasher brings shine and eye-catching style to your kitchen. 

    Cycles: Dishwashers come with a variety of pre-programmed cycles. Take a look at the cycles offered by the model you are considering and see if they align with your needs. 

    Size: If you are replacing an existing dishwasher, take careful measurements of the size available in your cabinetry. Consider a mini dishwasher or compact dishwasher to ensure your new model should fit within that size allotment to prevent you from having to adjust cabinets. If you don't have room in your kitchen for a dishwasher, a small dishwasher, portable dishwasher or countertop dishwasher design makes a great solution

    Sound Ratings: Every dishwasher has a sound rating range. The quietest of all dishwashers will be between 0 and 50 dBA. The noisiest dishwashers have 61 dBA or more. Look for a dishwasher on the lower end of that scale to ensure it isn't overbearing when you are visiting with family or 

    Energy Efficiency: Keep your energy costs low by selecting a dishwasher that is ENERGY STAR rated. These machines use less water and electricity to operate, making them a choice you can feel good about.

    Tub Material: Typically, the dishwasher's interior tub is crafted of one of two materials, plastic or stainless steel. Dishwashers with plastic tubs tend to me more cost effective while those with stainless steel tubs often offer a longer lifespan.

    With so many different dishwasher varieties available at The Home Depot, it is easy to discover one that suits the style of your kitchen and works within your budget.