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Through the Wall AC Units

If you don’t have central air or windows for an window AC unit, through the wall air conditioners, sometimes referred to as mini split air conditioners, could be the perfect choice for you. At first glance, wall unit air conditioner systems look a lot like AC units that fit right into a window. What’s different is that a wall unit air conditioner tends to be a more permanent installation. That’s because you or a qualified service provider will actually cut a hole in the wall to install the unit nearly flush with the surface.

Mini Split AC Systems

There are actually quite a few reasons to choose a mini split AC system for your home. Those include:

  • Mini split systems don’t require ductwork. That means far less work when it comes to cooling large spaces in your home. Mini split systems also keep costs down.
  • These systems tend to be very quiet. In fact, ductless AC systems should be on part with traditional whole-home AC units. If properly installed, you’ll barely notice that your AC is running.
  • Ductless systems tend to be more energy efficient than window systems. That’s because through-the-wall installation ensures a tight seal so no hot air gets into your home.
  • Large ductless mini split systems can help cool your whole home efficiently. Unlike window units, mini split systems can be connected to cool multiple rooms at once.
  • You can expand a mini split system over time. Made to be flexible, you can add more cooling power or extend your system to other rooms as you feel the need with a mini split AC installation.
  • Most modern systems come with some sort of multi-zone capability, allowing you to control the temperature in different parts of your home independently. This can help create an energy efficient household that’s truly comfortable.

Whether you call it a ductless air conditioner, a wall AC unit or a through the wall AC, these systems can help cool your space at a fraction of the cost of installing central air conditioning. Shop online, visit The Home Depot in person or speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives to learn more about through-the-wall air conditioners today.

You can also find air conditioners designed for casement windows that open out using a lever and sliding windows. These units typical come with extra material designed to block the opening around the window unit so hot air doesn’t enter your home.

Ready to say goodbye to sweltering summer heat in your home? Shop The Home Depot today to get a window AC unit for your bedroom, living room, family room or home office.