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Window Air Conditioners

High temperatures in the 80s, 90s or the dreaded triple-digits can leave you your family feeling incredibly uncomfortable inside your own home. While a standard fan can provide some cooling, even high-powered models aren’t going to cut it on the hottest days. That’s why many people install a window mounted air conditioner to cool at least one room in their home.

Where you choose to put a window air conditioner is up to you. In general, most people pick a space where they spend more time like their living room or family room. Bedrooms are also popular since many people find it difficult to sleep at night when it’s very hot.

Window air conditioners are quite cost-effective, and many people who don’t have central heat and air conditioning choose to install multiple units throughout their home. This can allow you to control the temperature in individual spaces on hot summer days.

Get the Perfect Window AC Unit for Your Space

Get the cooling power you need for the rooms in your home. Measured in BTUs – or British thermal units – AC units come in a variety of different models made to cool different size spaces efficiently. As a general rule, you’ll want to aim for a minimum of 20 BTU for every square foot of space you’re trying to cool.

Choosing a very large air conditioner for a small space may be tempting. After all, who wouldn’t want a room that cools down quickly and stays comfortable even when it’s 100-degrees outside? The problem is that window units that are too big tend to be very loud in small rooms.

For bedrooms, home offices and family rooms, you’ll want a small window air conditioner that still provides enough power to cool your room relatively quickly. You can also look for a quiet window air conditioner with a low decibel rating if you’re concerned about noise.

Choose from a Variety of Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners come in a range of styles. While most models are made to be relatively non-descript so they don’t impact your décor, white, black and even silver models are available for most homes. More important though is how the window unit you’re buying mounts inside your window.

A vertical window air conditioner is the right choice for installation in a window that opens up, including both single-hung and double-hung windows. For most installations, you’ll need a window width of 15” to 18” or more.

You can also find air conditioners designed for casement windows that open out using a lever and sliding windows. These units typical come with extra material designed to block the opening around the window unit so hot air doesn’t enter your home.

Ready to say goodbye to sweltering summer heat in your home? Shop The Home Depot today to get a window AC unit for your bedroom, living room, family room or home office.