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Portable Fans

Getting comfortable when it’s hot outside can be tricky. Even on warm nights when you don’t need to run your air conditioning, you may find that your home feels a little stuffy. The right portable fan can help.

With a variety of different fans on the market, we’ve got a style designed for every space. Use this guide to learn more about finding the ideal stand up fan, desktop fan or window fan today.

Tower Fans and Pedestal Fans

Tower and pedestal fans are typically large, freestanding styles made to sit on the floor. Many tower and pedestal models are also oscillating fans since they can be set to rotate, moving air around your room and cooling a larger space in the process.

Tower fans tend to have a more modern, streamlined look, making them ideal for contemporary spaces. Pedestal fans usually have a more traditional look, and many models come in specialty finishes designed to match your décor.

For bedrooms and home offices, a quiet tower fan is a must-have if you want to keep noise to a minimum. You should also consider a tower fan with remote or pedestal fan with remote for more convenient operation.

An oscillating tower fan or oscillating pedestal fan with a remote gives you the best of both worlds and tons of modern convenience. Large oscillating tower and pedestal designs are also a great choice for garages and workspaces that don’t have air conditioning.

Window Fans

Designed to go in a window much like a window AC unit, these fans are a popular pick since they help free up floor space. They can also pull in air from outside, which can be a big benefit on cooler nights.

Twin window fan or double window fan models also typically exhaust feature, allowing you to remove hot air from inside your home, pushing it out to create a cooler space. Multi-speed settings also allow you to tailor the air flow from your fan to suit your needs for the day or night.

Many modern window fans come with a remote control as well, making them an ideal choice for sleep spaces like bedrooms.

Desk Top Fans

Sometimes called table fans, desk top fans tend to be relatively small, quiet fans that you can put on any flat surface to keep you cool. Typically made for smaller spaces, these fans can help keep you cool whether you’re working at your home office desk or tackling projects in an outdoor workshop.

Table fans can also be used in other parts of your home as well, including dining rooms, family rooms and bedrooms. To get the most out of a standard table fan, you’ll likely want to position yours about five to seven feet from where you’re sitting, though models with higher output may be able to keep you cool from further away.

Shop The Home Depot online today or visit one of our retail stores near you to find floor fans, window fans and table fans for your home. We have a range of fan sizes and styles that will fit your needs perfectly.