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Find the Right Air Purifier for Your Space

There are tons of air purifiers on the market today and many of them can clean the air in your room properly. However, finding the right air purifier for your space can still be tricky. The best way to start your search is by deciding which room your air purifier is for. That’s because a large room air purifier is different than a small room air purifier. For example, an air purifier for a large room may need to be able to handle 250 or more square feet. An air purifier for a bedroom space doesn’t need to be as big since it will be working in an enclosed, smaller space. A more powerful air purifier for large room areas will also be louder than a small air purifier. In spaces like bedrooms and home offices, this noise may be distracting. However, a large air purifier in a big room like a living room may not be noticeable at all. Check dB ratings before buying if you’re worried about hearing your air purifier. 

Get the Right Air Filter

You’ve found the right air purifier for your living room, family room, bedroom or home office. Most models come with an air filter you can use right away. Over time though, you’ll need a replacement air purifier filter to maintain performance. When it comes to air purifier filters, you’ve got a few different choices. Basic models made to fit your unit will work and keep costs down. In some cases, basic air filters will need to be replaced more often than premium filters. HEPA air purifier designs require a special filter that removes tiny particles from the air including dust, pollen, mould and other airborne bacteria. Some models of air purifiers allow you to install a HEPA filter or a basic filter.

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