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Take back space with these washers and dryers that offer impressive performance in a small form factor. Perfect for apartments, condos and other small areas.

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Effectively cleans without an agitator. Basket can accommodate more items without a central agitator. Generally more gentle on clothing.

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Add a pedestal or stack your machines for the ultimate in convenience. These items are sold separately.

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Choosing the Right Washing Machine Style

The two primary washer styles from which to choose are top load washers and front load washers. Top load washers offer a traditional design but require space above to lift the lid and load clothing. Front load washers provide additional folding and stacking space on top of the machine but require regular rubber gasket cleaning to prevent mildew build-up. Stackable washers and dryers are also front load. Portable washing machines are also a great idea for convenience and small spaces.

The Perfect Washing Machine Finish

Washers come in a variety of finish options, the most common of which are white, black, and stainless steel. Bold colours are also available when you want to introduce a lively look to your laundry room. Consider the finish of your existing dryer when selecting your washer finish.

Washing Machine Brands you Trust

Washers are available by all the top name brand you've come to trust. Whether it’s Maytag washers, Whirlpool washers, Samsung washers, LG washers and more, we’ve got the brands you trust. If you have a dryer already, you may want to keep the brand consistent between pieces.

Washing Machine Capacity

One of the biggest considerations to make when selecting your machine is the capacity of the drum. The capacity helps to determine how much laundry you can fit in a single load. If you only have a few members of the household, you may not require a big machine. For larger families, a large capacity can greatly cut down on how much time it takes to finish your laundry.

Washing Machine Features

Washing machines come with a variety of pre-programmed features. Check out the features on the machine prior to making your selection to ensure it offers everything you need. Popular functions include whitest whites, bedding, light loads, steam washes, speed wash and extra rinse cycles.

Washing Machine Energy Usage

Keep your energy footprint below by choosing a washer that is ENERGY STAR rated to keep water and energy consumption as low as possible. Energy star appliances not only are better for the environment, but they will also help to keep your utility bill lower as well.

The Right Washing Machine Size for your Home

Take careful measurements of your laundry area prior to purchasing your washing machine. Make sure your new unit fits within the space allotted. It is also important to consider height when deciding whether to add coordinating pedestals. Washing machines can be one of the most time-saving appliances in your home. Choose one that speaks to the needs of your household. Of course, a washer becomes even more convenient when you add a coordinating dryer to dry the clothes.

Choosing the right dryer for your home can seem difficult. Narrow down your search by taking a few things into consideration.

Dryer Energy Efficiency

Keep your home's environmental footprint as low as possible by selecting an ENERGY STAR rated dryer for your laundry room. These machines use less electricity and water to run a normal cycle, for savings you'll notice on your utility bill.

Programmed Cycles

One of the most important factors in selecting your dryer is choosing one that offers programmed cycles that meet the needs of your family. Check out the available cycles to ensure you get what you need out of the appliance.

Dryer Capacity

Like washing machines, dryers come with different capacities. You'll want to select a dryer with a capacity that matches or exceeds that of your washing machine. The more people you have in your household, the bigger you'll want your dryer to be. A dryer with greater capacity can tackle bigger loads of laundry.

Dryer Brands you Trust

Dryers are offered by all the top appliance brands. Whether it’s Maytag dryers, Whirlpool dryers, Samsung dryers, LG dryers and more, we’ve got the brands you trust. You may want to choose a brand you already use for other appliances throughout your home to keep the look cohesive.

Dryer Finishes

White, silver and stainless steel are the most popular finish options when it comes to dryers. Add incredible style to your laundry room by making sure that the finish of your washer and dryer match. The style and finish of the dryer allows you to bring a little personality to your laundry area.

Washers and dryers and washer/dryer combos are some of the most commonly used appliances in your home. A washer and dryer you can count on makes easy work of tackling the growing pile of household laundry. They even come in smaller sizes like apartment size washers/dryers to fit any space. Check out the extensive selection at The Home Depot and discover the best washers and dryer for you at prices to fit any budget.