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Discreet Storage with Medicine Cabinets

Storage space comes at a premium in most bathrooms. Finding a place to put everyday items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, extra hand soap, shampoo, and conditioner can be difficult. That doesn’t include over-the-counter or prescription medication that you may not want to leave out in plain sight either.

Medicine cabinets offer discreet storage that will make your bathroom more functional while updating your design. Keep reading to learn more about our selection of traditional, transitional, and modern medicine cabinets for every size bathroom.

What Size Works for You?

Before you can find the right medicine cabinet for your bathroom you’ll need to narrow down your size requirements. While many models are available, smaller designs start at around 15” by 19”. These small medicine cabinet styles are often ideal for undersized bathrooms, powder rooms or guest areas.

Larger models can be anywhere from 24” by 30” to 60” by 36” or bigger. These tend to work best in large bathrooms and master suites. In many spaces, an oversized medicine cabinet can run the length of a single or double-sink vanity, offering lots of storage capacity and a designer-inspired look.

A range of shapes including oval, square and rectangular styles are available to match your architectural elements and storage needs.

Recessed, Semi-Recessed or Surface-Mount?

Once you’ve chosen the correct size for your medicine cabinet you’ll need to determine your mounting style. Here are the three most common types:

  • Recessed medicine cabinets. These medicine cabinets are installed inside the wall and mounted to internal framing for support. A recessed medicine cabinet helps save space while providing a built-in look.
  • Semi-recessed medicine cabinets. A semi-recessed medicine cabinet is installed with only part of the cabinet in the wall. These styles can be helpful in large spaces where you may not be able to easily access a fully-recessed medicine cabinet.
  • Surface-mount medicine cabinets. Surface-mount medicine chest designs don’t go in the wall at all. Mounted directly to your finished wall, these are easy to install and stylish in many bathrooms. They’re also useful if you have plumbing or electrical in the wall that can’t be moved to make space for a recessed or semi-recessed design.

Mirrored Styles

Mirrored medicine cabinets are a mainstay in all design styles from more transitional and vintage looks to ultra-modern designs. The main reason is that a bathroom medicine cabinet with a mirror serves a dual purpose by providing both a usable mirror and bathroom storage all in one.

Some mirrored medicine cabinets also have a decorative frame that adds a positive design element to your bathroom. Added features like fog-free glass are also desirable in many cases.

Wood Medicine Cabinets

Not every bathroom needs a mirrored medicine cabinet or a recessed design made to go directly in the wall. Our wood medicine cabinets in surface-mount styles offer a traditional look while giving you lots of storage space for your bathroom. Many models even have a built-in shelf or two below your medicine cabinet enclosure for extra storage or decorative items like candles or soap holders.

Available in a range of looks, our white wood medicine cabinets are a particularly popular pick since they’ll go with any type of bathroom décor. Natural wood-look styles are also available to match your existing finishes or provide visual depth and contrast to your space.

Modern Metal Looks

Ideal for modern and more minimalist spaces, medicine cabinets with powder-coated aluminum or stainless steel doors have become very popular in recent years. Available in lots of different sizes, these modern styles can be used as an accent piece or run nearly the entire length of a wall when more storage and a unique look is desired.

Mirrored styles with metal frames offer both functions and form for modern bathroom designs.

Shop online today to find bathroom medicine cabinets for powder rooms, guest areas, and master suites. Available in many sizes and styles, we’ve got a range of looks that will fit with your remodel, redesign, or existing bathroom update.