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How Do I Fix Wi-Fi Dead Spots?

Wi-Fi extenders, boosters and repeaters are devices that improve the range and strength of your wireless network at home, giving you better wireless access throughout your entire house, or even extending it outside to your yard or garage if you want to use it there as well. Before buying an extender or booster, you’ll want to ensure that your wireless router supports one. If it does, check out some of these great products to see which will work best for you!

Boost your Internet Signal with Wi-Fi Extenders, and Repeaters

If you can’t get a strong Wi-Fi signal in your home or office and you’re not happy with the performance of your existing router, there are many options to improve your signal. The easiest solution is to buy a Wi-Fi repeater or extender that will pick up the signal from your router and repeat it so that it extends farther. These devices are easy to set up and then simply plug them into an outlet in a location where you need better coverage.

A Wi-Fi extender is a device that extends the range of your Wi-Fi network by picking up a signal from an existing router and repeating it. Wi-Fi boosters are like extenders in that they both pick up signals from existing networks and repeat them. But boosters typically use powerline adapters for their input signal instead of relying on wireless access points or routers.

Powerline Adapters

A powerline adapter is another low-cost option that is perfect for getting high-speed internet access to every device in your home.

Powerline adapters are easy to install and use. They work by plugging one adapter into your power outlet and connecting it to the router with an Ethernet cable. You then plug the other adapter into a power outlet in another room and connect it to your computer or networked device. As a result, powerline adapters offer a reliable connection for an inexpensive price.