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Hardware: Cabinet & Door Hardware, Fasteners & More

Discovering the Right Hardware for Every Project

Every honey-do project requires essential hardware. The Home Depot offers all the hardware you need to make your home look and function at its very best. The right hardware provides a refined look and a secure hold.

Hardware Essentials

It doesn’t matter what you’re building, installing, or mounting, there are a few hardware essentials you’ll reach for every time. Make sure your toolkit is stocked with:

  • Nuts
  • Bolts
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Washers
  • Anchors

Make sure you have each of these items in a wide range of size and length options and home maintenance will be so much more convenient. To use these hardware essentials, you’ll also require a few basic tools including a drill, bit set, driver set, hammer, level, measuring tape, stud finder, and wrench set.

Many of these hardware essentials are available in starter sets, including a wide range of size options in a handy carry case. This provides you with a wide range of hardware essentials in smaller quantities. This allows you to build up a well-rounded toolkit for minimal expense.

Update Your Style with New Cabinet Hardware

A new set of cabinet hardware has a way of completely updating the look of your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you’re looking for drawer pulls with vintage flair or something sleek and modern, The Home Depot offers the products you want in fashionable finish options. Cabinet hardware can add valuable functionality to your cabinets too. Add soft-close hinges and drawer hardware and slammed doors will be a thing of the past.

Safe & Stylish Window & Door Hardware

Every door and window in your home requires durable hardware for both proper hanging and for security. Door handles and door locks combine functionality with fashion by offering a wide range of style and finish options. Today, there are many different door styles to choose from, each of which requires a specially designed set of hardware, including:

  • Standard Door Hardware
  • Barn Door Hardware
  • Sliding Door Hardware
  • Pocket Door Hardware

Enhance Safety with Stair Hardware

Make ascending and descending your stairs safer by mounting a strong handrail. A full range of handrail brackets is available, ranging from traditional to ultra-modern. Install these items to the wall in studs to ensure they will stay in place when weight is placed on them.

Structural Hardware for Your Construction Needs

Larger construction projects require durable hardware designed for structural integrity. These durable metal components each serve a specific purpose, including hanging ceiling joists, attaching deck posts to the ground, and securing framing at a perfect 90-degree angle. These metal components feature pre-drilled holes, making them ready to install using the necessary screws.

  • Straps
  • Post Bases
  • Metal Braces
  • Joist Hangers

Whether you enjoy completing home projects on the weekends or specialize in construction as a profession, The Home Depot offers the hardware you need at prices that fit within your budget. If you are using the hardware outdoors, make sure the products you purchase are designed for resistance to the elements.