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Plumbing Repair Parts

Sink Repair Parts


Tub & Shower Parts

Faucet Parts

Toilet Repair Parts

Plumbing Parts

If you’re looking to do any plumbing repairs in your kitchen, bathroom or other space, The Home Depot has everything you need to get the job done right.

Repair your Faucets

We’ve got the faucet parts, faucet cartridges and other parts to make your next faucet repair a breeze. If you’re looking for kitchen faucet parts, sink parts or bathtub faucet parts, you’ll find everything you need in-store or online.

Easy Sink and Drain Repair

Clogged drain pipes, shower drains and tub drains can cause big issues in your home. Unclog your problem areas to help get your sink plumbing running smoothly again. We’ve got the kitchen sink drain parts, sink plugs, drain stoppers and more to help you get your sink, tub or shower back to tip top shape.

Keep your Toilet Running Smoothly

No matter what you need to fix in your toilet, we’ve got you covered. Toilet parts including toilet flanges, flappers, tank parts, flushers and valves are all readily available in-store or online to keep your repair on track.

Tub and Shower Repairs, Made Easy

Your shower has a lot of different plumbing parts and keeping them running efficiently is key to a healthy bathroom. Shower hoses, diverters, handles and more can help you improve your shower area, while a new stopper, spout, taps and more can take it to the next level.