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Choose The Right Well Pump For You

There are several different types of pumps on the market today that can help you reliably access water from a well.

A convertible jet pump works by sucking water from the well and pushing it through a small pipe. The pressure switch will then detect when the water has been used and allow more water to enter the tank, so it’s always full.

A shallow well pump doesn’t require a pressure switch or tank, as it runs on a shallow well adapter making it easier to install and maintain. A shallow well pump can efficiently pump higher volumes of water, making it ideal for those looking for a reliable source of water.

A deep well pump is designed for wells that are deeper than 25 feet and work by using suction to draw water from the well. However, these pumps require more electricity to operate and are more complicated to install.

Finally, submersible well pumps are designed to be placed in the well below the ground’s surface. They can provide a high-pressure flow of water with minimal noise and vibration.

No matter which type of well pump you choose, it’s important to remember that proper maintenance is essential to ensure it operates efficiently and safely.