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Sewage Pumps         

Our sewage pumps allow you to quickly push waste from below-grade areas to the main sewer line. We offer a variety of sewage pumps at everyday low prices, so you’re sure to find what you need.

You need a sewage pump to move wastewater from a below-grade area to the main sewer line. Sewage pumps are designed to transport waste efficiently with minimum fuss and mess, making them perfect for any home or business where waste needs to be moved up an incline or over a long distance.

Grinder sewage pumps are designed for grinding solid materials into small particles that can be easily transported through pipes. In most cases, grinder pumps are used in residential settings to ensure sewage is properly handled; however, they are also popular in light commercial applications. These pumps are great for homeowners who want to ensure no solid waste material enters their main sewer line because the integrated grinding mechanism helps break down solids so they can be processed quickly and easily.

Effluent pumps are generally used to move wastewater from a sump to a septic tank. They are more effective than traditional sewage pumps because they feature built-in check valves that prevent wastewater from backing up in the system. Homeowners typically use effluent pumps to move grey water as they are unsuitable for black water applications. In addition, effluent pumps are designed with filters that capture suspended particles, keeping them out of your septic tank.

Sewage ejector pumps are usually used in applications where wastewater needs to be pushed to a higher elevation. These powerful pumps are designed to handle large volumes of water. Therefore, they are ideal for locations with an incline between the source of the wastewater and the main sewer line. Also, if you have a home or business below grade, you should invest in a sewage ejector pump. These pumps push waste from the basement area to the main sewer line. Sewage ejector pumps are also a good choice for businesses because they can transport much more wastewater than other types of pumps.