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There are a few accessories that keep your water heater running right. One of the most important accessories is a water heater drain pan, which is designed to protect your home from potentially problematic leaks that could cost you a ton in repairs and damage mitigation. Water heater pans are a must-have for classic tank-style water heaters as they protect your floor from drips and drop of water that can leave residue or create visible damage over time.

The Home Depot Canada has lots of different options in-stock, whether you’re shopping online or visiting one of our retail stores near you.

Find Water Heater Pans Online and In-Store

A hot water tank tray is a vital part of your setup if you have a tank-style water heater. We’ve got a variety of options in our lineup to help you get the right size and material for your water heater.

To buy the right model, you need to first choose the size that works for your water heater. We’ve got 30-inch water heater pan designs, 24-inch water heater pan options and 20-inch water heater pans to fit any heater.

Once you find your size, you simply need to choose your material. Plastic water heater pans are an economical choice, while an aluminum water heater pan can provide a little more longevity and provide you with a matching finish since your water heater is likely metal on the bottom.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got a water heater pan that will fit your needs.