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Refresh Your Home

Refresh Your Home


Inspired by the minimalist Scandinavian design with a Bohemian twist. Mix earth tones with hand-crafted design elements.

Refresh Your Home

Cozy Modern Living Room

Cozy Modern Living Room

Your living room is one of the most used spaces, so consider functional, durable and comfortable living room décor pieces that fit any style and budget.

Monochromatic Dining Room

Dine in Style 

Whether you are entertaining or just enjoying a family dinner, a functional, inviting and beautiful kitchen is key. Find the perfect accessories and kitchen décor to complete your space.

Boho Bedroom Retreat

Serene Bedroom Retreat

Bedrooms are your oasis, a spot to relax and unwind. From furniture to bedroom décor, we have what you need to fit your space, style and budget. 

Grow With Me Nursery

Grow With Me Nursery 

Create a calm and soothing place for your child that includes the right nursery décor and organization items. We've got what you need to fit any trend. 

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Breathe new life into your home décor by updating furniture, lighting, area rugs and more.

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DIY Décor Projects to Personalize Your Space

Find inspiration for your next home project.

Take your Home Décor to the Next Level

Taking your home from boring to fabulous could be as simple as changing up your furniture, adding some trendy window treatments or simply adding some colour to your rooms with either new sheets for your bed or wall art. Go all the way or start with room décor for your bedroom or the kids or maybe even tackle a joint space with hundreds of home furnishings ideal for living room, kitchen and more.

Get Comfy with New Furniture

Upgrade or revitalize your living room features with a new coffee table or dining table or even create a beautiful new focal point with a modern TV stand. Add room for guests with a sofa bed, couch or ottoman. Create a new look in your entertaining space with cool new accent chairs. Sleep in style with a great new bed frame or bedroom set or make some room in your kids’ space with fun new bunk beds and bean bags. Add a work space with a functional new desk and office chair complete with a bookshelf to make room for all of your books. 

Shade and Elegance in One

Your windows can look drab if they’re plainly covered. Choose from a huge selection of colourful window coverings including blinds and curtains that can not only enhance the look of your room, but also offer other features. Blackout curtains can help you sleep in on those bright weekend mornings by keeping the light out. Roller blinds, venetian blinds and even roman blinds can help you shade a room from the sun, keeping you cool and stopping your furniture from fading due to the sun’s rays.

Store and Organize with Style

Who says storage has to be unsightly? Choose from our selection of trendy wall shelves and storage cabinets to create a place to keep everything that doesn’t have a space. Shoe racks, clothes racks and closet organizers can help you store and access your wardrobe and make your morning routines easier. Garage shelving and cabinets can keep your tools and other handy items within reach, while keeping them neat and tidy.

Wall Décor that’s Sure to Impress

Rejuvenating your space is easy with new, trendy wallpaper and wall décor. Adding a mirror can make a space look larger while adding some abstract wall art can create a great conversation piece. Wall decals are an easy way to add a design to your walls and are a fun options the kids’ bedrooms.

Sleep Well with Beautiful Bedding

Create a whole new bedroom look by replacing your duvet or duvet cover with something more colourful. Your bedding is an easy change that can breathe life into your room. A new comforter is a great way to add style while staying warm and cozy. Refresh your kid’s bedding and transform their space into something completely new. You can also increase the comfort of your bed with mattress toppers that will make an otherwise firm bed feel softer and cooler leaving you feeling more rested and refreshed in the morning.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got everything you need to elevate your style throughout your home at The Home Depot Canada.