Stylish Home Decor

Your home decor provides an opportunity to infuse personality into your space while expressing a specific design theme. Area rugs, lamps, wall accents, and textiles are just a few of the pieces you can layer into your space to add texture, a pop of colour, and personality.

5 Pieces of Room Decor Every Room Needs

Designing any room in your home is all about the decorations. Once your basic home furnishings are in place, it is the kitchen, bedroom, or living room decor that takes the design to the next level and makes a room feel inviting.

1. Paint: A fresh coat of paint can completely change the style of a space. 

2. Decorative Pillows: Introduce new colours, textures, and patterns with decorative pillows.

3. Window Treatments: In addition to offering privacy, window treatments are also a way to soften the look of a space and reinforce a colour scheme.

4. Wall Art: Personal photographs, collected artwork, clocks, and hanging sculptures are a great way to dress up walls and bring a personal touch to the design of the room.

5. Lamps: Lamps provide a softer alternative to overhead lighting and make a great accent for side tables and nightstands.

Considerations When Choosing Decor

When choosing interior decoration items, it is important to select pieces that work with your lifestyle.

Durability: When selecting kids room decor, select washable fabrics and decorations that are durable enough to hold up to little ones. 

Comfort: With the living room and bedroom design, cozy fabrics and blankets make a great choice.  

Functionality: When it comes to your kitchen décor and bathroom décor, look for pieces that add both style and function. Makeup organizers, towel hooks, basic appliances, and countertop accessories are a great way to combine style and purpose.

Season Flair: Figurines, wall art, and home accessories are a great way to change up the look of your home to reflect the season. When a season has passed, place all your season decor in a bin and label it for storage for the following year.

With so many different home furnishings and decor items to choose from at The Home Depot, there is sure to be something that speaks to your design style while remaining within your decorating budget. Keep things casual with rustic home décor or provide a bold new look with modern décor items.