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Stay Warm With Fireplace Accessories From The Home Depot

Nothing beats a warm fire when it’s cold outside whether you’re entertaining guests in your formal living room or relaxing in your cabin in the woods. To make the most of your fireplace, you need the right fireplace accessories. Shop The Home Depot today to find everything from fireplace screens to replacement parts and tools.

Fireplace Tools

From daily maintenance and cleaning to stoking your fire on a cold night, the right fireplace tools are a must-have. Multi-piece fireplace tool sets that include a shovel, tong, poker, brush and stand to store your fireplace tools are available in durable, elegant steel and iron styles.

Individual and specialty fireplace tools like cleaning brushes for pellet stoves and chimney brushes are also available online and in-store.

Fireplace Covers and Grates

Fireplace covers, also known as fireplace screens, provide protection against sparks and embers that may escape an open fireplace. They also add extra style to your fireplace when not in use.

We’ve got a range of styles that run the gamut from simple utilitarian designs to more ornate pieces that add bring a decorative element to your room. Glass designs, iron and steel styles are available in lots of sizes to fit your specific fireplace.

A fireplace grate is designed to keep firewood up and off your chimney floor, allowing for a more even burn and a stronger, longer-lasting fire. Heavy-duty steel and cast iron styles are available in many sizes to fit every fireplace design.

Fireplace Parts

Return your fireplace to its original glory with an assortment of fireplace parts from The Home Depot. Looking for a way to spruce up a working fireplace? Replacement fireplace doors made from durable glass are available in a range of sizes.

You can also find essentials like stove pipes or a powered fireplace fan if you’re looking to get your fireplace back in working order.

Fireplace Accessories

Your fireplace looks and works great. Make the time you spend around your fire a little more enjoyable with the right fireplace accessories.

Top picks include easy-to-carry ash cans and ash vacuums if you use your fireplace regularly. Firestarter logs are also helpful when you need to get your fire going and keep it burning.

For wood burning fireplaces, firewood racks allow you to neatly stack wood near your fireplace so you don’t have to make a trip outside every time you want a little more heat. Small styles and extra-large racks are available in a range of looks to match your décor. You can even order a removable cover for your firewood rack.

Revive your old fireplace or make the most of your favourite spot in the house with fireplace accessories, tools and parts from The Home Depot. Shop online or visit a store near you today.