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Update Any Space With an Electric Fireplace From The Home Depot

Add timeless beauty and warmth to your home with an electric fireplace. From in-wall designs to freestanding styles and outdoor fireplaces, we’ve got easy-to-install electric fireplaces for just about every part of your home.

Our styles fit traditional, transitional and modern spaces too, so we’ve got a fireplace we know you’ll love. Shop online today to find your new electric fireplace.

In-Wall Fireplaces

Often referred to as a zero clearance fireplace, our in-wall designs are a brilliant choice for any modern room. Designed to sit flush against the edge of your wall once installed, our zero clearance designs provide a built-in look that can’t be beat in a contemporary environment.

Look for a range of different styles and sizes under two feet and up to 72-inches or more.

Mantel Fireplaces

Opt for a traditional look with an electric mantel fireplace for your living room, den or bedroom. Don’t have room for a standard mantel fireplace? Try one of our unique corner fireplace designs. They’re an excellent choice for smaller spaces.

Fireplace TV Stands and Media Cabinets

A smart pick for family rooms, dens and bedrooms, fireplace TV stands and media cabinets are easy to integrate into any room right away. Built with an electric fireplace as the centerpiece, our fireplace TV stands and media cabinets feature lots of storage options to help you keep your space neat and tidy.

TV stand cabinets with a built-in modern fireplace typically provide shelves for your components like a cable box, streaming box, audio amplifier and DVD or Blu-Ray player. Larger media cabinet designs with built-in fireplaces offer lots of storage for everything from audio-visual components to books and family photos.

Portable Fireplaces

Portable fireplaces offer more flexibility if you’re not sure where you want your fireplace to stay long-term.

Easy-to-move, most of our portable fireplaces can be used with or without the heating element, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful glow of a warm fire all year long. Fully-assembled styles plug can be set up and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Heat your porch, patio or deck area with an electric outdoor fireplace from our collection. Our freestanding and portable designs are a perfect pick for getting the ambiance you’re looking for when enjoying a little time outdoors with friends and family.

Shop for a range of outdoor fireplace styles that match your aesthetic and heat your space perfectly online today.

Update your living room, den, family room or master bedroom today with a big or small electric fireplace from The Home Depot. We’ve also got a variety of portable and outdoor designs you can use to provide visual warmth and heat to any space.